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Top 5 Pokemon cries

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Brandon Moore
Modified 21 Mar 2021
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Pokemon cries are very unique and some of them are even considered iconic by the fan base.

There are many trainers who can tell which Pokemon is which based on their in-game cries. These are a lot different than the creatures simply speaking their own names in the anime series.

When a Pokemon is interacted with in the game, or they appear in battle, their cry is heard over the music. Some even share cries with others, being exactly identical in every way.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 Pokemon cries

#5 - Porygon-Z


Porygon-Z has an amazing cry. It really sounds like a piece of equipment or a computer going off. It's almost like a weird fax machine or connecting to the internet. Some Pokemon have rather bland cries. This one, however, fits it perfectly. The Porygon-Z cry is wonderful.

#4 - Dusknoir

Dusknoir has often been disregarded as Pokemon. Dusclops is amazing and can be even more powerful than its evolved form. Still, Dusknoir has a very cool design. As a Ghost-type Pokemon, you'd expect it to have a sinister cry. It does just that. Its cry matches its personality and description very well.

#3 - Milotic


Milotic is arguably the most beautiful Pokemon in existence. It carries itself with grace and poise in both the wild and in battle. That gives it a status above all others when it comes to its appearance. For a Pokemon so astounding, an even great cry was necessary. It is just as beautiful as the creature itself.

#2 - Snover

Snover's cry is utterly hilarious. It evolves into the monstrosity that is Abomasnow. Before that, however, Snover was just a sort of cute little sapling in comparison. The cry is very short and to the point. It is considered weird, though. The small vibrating screech is unlike any other Pokemon cry.

#1 - Kricketune

Kricketune's cry has become sort of a meme. The Pokemon is as weak as it gets, but is super popular because of its cry. It starts out with a bit of a ringing noise and immediately shifts into an R2-D2 sounding wail. It truly puts the "tune" in the name Kricketune.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 01:02 IST
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