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Top 5 Pokemon that are hardest to defeat in Pokemon GO

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 27 Jan 2021

Pokemon GO has a plethora of Pokemon which are pretty strong. However, there are always a few Pokemon that are exceptionally strong in the game and are very difficult to beat.

Till date, the Pokemon that are the hardest to beat have always featured in raids. These Pokemon are usually legendaries and have a high CP. Trainers are awarded special Pokeballs, which they can use against these raid bosses only, provided they're able to defeat the boss in the first place.

Trainers cannot take down these raid bosses by themselves, so a group of trainers are required to even think about to targetting these bosses in Pokemon GO.

Although some of the Pokemon on this list may not be available in raids as of now, the Pokemon on this list have, by far, been some of the most difficult Pokemon to defeat in the game.

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Top 5 Pokemon in Pokemon GO that are hardest to defeat

#1 Kyogre

Kyogre is the strongest legendary water Pokemon in the game. The moveset that this Pokemon is equipped with is really good, and that's one of the reasons why it is so hard to beat in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon has a max CP of 4652 according to Pokemon GO Hub, with its attack and defense at 270 and 288 respectively.


#2 Mewtwo

Mewtwo being on this list isn't a surprise. This is one of the strongest Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, and defeating it in raids is difficult. Mewtwo has a max CP of 4724 with an attack of 300 and a defense of 182.

What makes it so hard to beat is that it's weak against Pokemon which trainers don't use too often, and it's strong against Fighting-type Pokemon, which is among the most used types in the game.

#3 Regigigas

Regigigas is another Pokemon that is really hard to beat in Pokemon GO. With a max CP of 4346 and an attack rating of 287, this Pokemon is really strong. What makes it difficult for trainers to defeat it is the fact that this Pokemon has a defense rating of 210. This means that Regigigas can take a good beating, and deal equally solid damage in Pokemon GO.

#4 Palkia


Palkia is worth mentioning here because this dragon type Pokemon acts as a really formidable opponent in Pokemon GO. At 280, it has one of the best attack ratings in the entire game.

#5 Dialga

The final entry on this list is Dialga. This is also probably the only dragon type Pokemon in the game which isn't weak against other dragon type moves. Its attack and defense ratings are high, which make it a daunting enemy in Pokemon GO.

Published 27 Jan 2021, 00:01 IST
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