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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Streamers On YouTube In India May 2019 (Mobile Only)

Rohit Jaswal
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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Streamers On YouTube In India
Top 5 PUBG Mobile Streamers On YouTube In India

With the launch of PUBG Mobile, various of players have started streaming on YouTube and have gained a number of subscirbers. Many online PUBG Esports team have evolved as PUBG Mobile have been organising various tournaments around the year.

In this article, we have discussed about the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Streamers In India in 2019 on YouTube.

#1 Mortal (2.1 Million Subscribers)

If you play PUBG Mobile then you surely know Soul Mortal. Mortal is one of the best PUBG mobile players in the country right now who also happens to have a major following. His team, Team Soul, recently won th PUBG Mobile India Series and are favourites to win the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Indian Finals. Mortal is a humble human being with superb gameplay and that is the reason why he has over 2 million subs on YT.

Soul Mortal (
Soul Mortal (

Now when he does live streams PUBG Mobile he easily gets a watching of 30k+. His real name Naman Mathur and lives In Mumbai. Mortal is a 4 finger claw player, which means he uses his 4 fingers on the screen while playing PUBG Mobile. Usually, he streamed on his iPad but now for he has completely shifted to his mobile.

#2 NovaKing (191k Subscribers):

In second place is the player who represented India on the international level. He along with three other players represented India in PMSC. Nova was a member of Soul Clan for few months but now he has his own Clan which goes by the name Team Brawlers.

NovaKing streams regularly on YouTube and usually has over 10k concurrent viewers. He also streams other games when he is not playing PUBG Mobile.

#3 Soul Owais (188k Subscribers):

Soul Owais, another YouTuber who is a member of Soul Clan, has a well-grown YouTube channel. Soul Owais is a established member of Team Soul's major lineup for tournaments. He plays with Mortal on his streams. Soul Owais is a 5 finger claw player and has very good reflexes. He usually gets over 7k plus concurrent viewers on live stream. Owais also uploads high-quality PUBG mobile gameplay videos on his channel.

#4 Soul Aman (166k Subscribers):

Aman is a member of Soul Clan from a long time. He also lives streams PUBG Mobile daily on his YouTube channel.


He plays along with other members of Soul like Mortal, Viper, etc. He gets approx watching of 5k plus on his YouTube channel.

#5 Raven(Rav3n) (114k Subscribers):

One of the best girl gamer now in India. Raven is a PUBG Mobile streamer in India. The main purpose of Raven's PUBG Mobile streaming is to give some motivation to girls that they can also be a good gamer.

Her real name is Paridhi Khullar and also streams other games like Cyber Hunter when she is not playing PUBG Mobile. While live streaming she gets a watching of 5k plus. Also, she is a 4 finger claw player for better reflexes.

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