Top 5 times Infinity Ward broke COD: Warzone

Image Credit: Sportskeeda
Image Credit: Sportskeeda
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Infinity Ward has been making Call of Duty games since 2003, with the very first iteration of the franchise. Since then, they have released ten COD games, all wildly successful. Their latest addition is the add-on to Modern Warfare, COD: Warzone. It may just be the most successful game ever with the COD name.

Nowadays, it takes a lot more than a stellar campaign and solid multiplayer to appease gamers. That is especially true with COD, a franchise that gets a new edition every year. Players expect constant updates and in-game events to make a game worthwhile. When that happens, there are bound to be things that go wrong, and Infinity Ward knows that first hand.

Five times COD: Warzone was broken by Infinity Ward

#5 โ€“ Finn LMG

The Finn LMG is one of the newer guns added to COD: Warzone, and some call it to the Bruen 2.0 Not long ago, the Bruen was the gun that lasered players, with some calling it broken for how effective it was. It looks like the Finn may be taking over that spot with the right attachments. It seems like Infinity Ward can't get weapon tuning right when releasing one in COD: Warzone, causing many players to express their opinion that IW is breaking their own game.


#4 - Famas under barrel

This gun has been covered as the most broken weapon in COD: Warzone history. It is utterly insane that Infinity Ward would add this to the game without testing first. They have trouble with weapon balancing, it appears. The under-barrel shotgun attachment for the Famas is a one-shot kill, plain and simple. From up to 15 meters, any opponent caught in the line of fire is doomed. Hopefully, IW fixes this one quick.


#3 โ€“ Gun textures

What in the world did Infinity Ward do to cause this? COD: Warzone has seen its fair share of glitches, but this one has to be the most ridiculous. Certain guns and their skins were causing terrible graphical issues for players. Switching to the specific weapon would cause a giant terrifying shape to emerge from where the gun should be on screen. At times, it would cover the full screen, making it hard for players to see, as well as enemies to see them.


#2 โ€“ Infinite respawns

Some things just come out of the blue in terms of glitches. There was something that Infinity Ward did to COD: Warzone that caused this to happen, though, as it didn't just decide to occur out of nowhere. The video below shows an example of an endless solo game, where unless players quit, there was no end in sight. The Gulag was closed, but players could continue dropping in, and hence, no one ever gained victory in this game.


#1 โ€“ Riot Shield

Just having the Riot Shield in a COD game may be game-breaking by itself. Some players can't stand them, while others use them to their advantage. Until it turns on them, that is. An update caused this crazy glitch in COD: Warzone, making Riot Shields completely useless. Players would hold their shields to block gunfire, but to other players, the Riot Shield would still be on their back. That allowed the players to shoot them with no problem.


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