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Try Tough Love Arena - a new browser based fighting game

(Image Credit: Tough Love Arena)
(Image Credit: Tough Love Arena)
Modified 05 Jan 2021, 02:47 IST

Tough Love Arena has everything you can expect from a quality fighting game: combos, a training mode, advanced mechanics and all.

What makes Tough Love Arena is that the game can be played entirely within your browser, making it as easy to play as going to and looking for a match. This ease of accessibility and simple design makes it the perfect game to pick up for anyone looking for an entry point.

How Tough Love Arena works

Tough Love Arena features a cast of six characters, named after various foods, all separated into three pairs. This gives the game two long range characters (Noodle and Rice), two big body characters (Pork and Beef), and two rushdown characters (Garlic and Onion). This design means that playing any one of these characters will make their paired archetype easier to learn later on.

Tough Love Arena has all the basics needed for a fighting game to develop, with simplified attacks, movement, blocking, and throws. For a little added depth, the game features a rudimentary meter system for advanced cancels and bursts to escape combos.

All of this gives the game just enough beneath the surface to dig into. Because it takes less than 15 minutes to learn how to control the game, even a total novice can jump right in and start playing.

Tough Love Arena is played with just five buttons, two buttons for movement, two for attacks, and one for special moves. Without a dedicated jump or duck button, players only have to worry about left and right movement and blocking. 

The attacks are split up between light and heavy attacks, with light attacks being faster, safer, and weaker while heavy attacks are slower, less safe, and stronger. Combos are formed through stringing attacks together along preprogrammed cancels, features which allow one move to be cancelled into another without delay.

The special move button does something different for each character, which is what helps distinguish the pairs from each other. 


What lies just beneath the surface

While getting started with Tough Love Arena is easy, the game offers enough afterwards that players can stick around even after learning how to play. Tough Love Arena has all of the data for each of their moves in the game, making it easy to figure out what everything does and whether or not it is safe.

This lets players construct their own playstyles and begin to learn more about the game than just the basics. Whether or not the game will get big can’t be known yet, but Tough Love Arena is a great way to get started before transitioning to a more conventional fighting game.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 02:47 IST
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