TUNIC guide: How to find the magic orb in Frog Domain

The magic orb is incredibly useful in TUNIC (Image via TUNIC)
The magic orb is incredibly useful in TUNIC (Image via TUNIC)

Since its release, the latest indie sensation, TUNIC, has taken the gaming community by storm. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics alike, with the game getting an 87 Metascore. With an excellent art style, great gameplay, and innovations, the game has found favor with many.


Among the several unique elements in the game, the magic orb is one of the most valuable things. It may take some time for players to get it, but the job gets easier when they are aware of the proper steps. The magic orb also functions as a grappling hook. This makes it easy for players to access areas that are not commonly available and get different valuable rewards.

Finding the magic orb in TUNIC is easy

The first pre-requisite for getting the magic orb is to get to the Frog Domain in TUNIC. Fast travel to Ruined Atoll and then reach the statue in the middle of the area. Players must follow the power line north-east to cross the water. After turning right and killing some crabs, players should follow the shore until they reach a collapsed bridge.


Players must then get on the path below the bridge. There will be a treasure chest at the end of the path. After opening it, players should go through a gap in the nearby cliffs. They must then get up the ladder, go through a door, and get down the ladder on the other side.

Later, players should kill a frog and proceed until they find the Frog Domain save point. Before proceeding further, players should rest at this point.

A step-by-step guide to finding the magic orb in TUNIC

Step 1: Kill the three baby frogs and proceed through the nearby door. On the left will be a corridor that will lead to a large cavern.

Step 2: Follow the left path of this cavern and get on the ramps to reach the central platform. There will be frogs in the area, so players must be careful while drawing them out.

Step 3: Head south from the central platform until a lever is found. This lever opens a locked door near the central platform. Once the door is open, proceed through it, and there will be a large open golden door.

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Step 4: From the front of the golden door, players must look right and move to the corner of the room. A hole will be in the wall, which will lead them to another cave.

Step 5: After killing the baby slorms, players should continue along the path. After following it and getting down from the ladder, they will reach a chamber with frogs and custodians. These enemies will be praying, and players should kill them.

Step 6: Once the killing is done, proceed to the altar, where the magic orb will be present.

These are all the steps players should follow to find the magic orb in the Frog Domain. It will indeed take some time for players to reach the location in the game. However, they will also get to explore beautiful locations along the way as they progress through the story. Once found, the magic orb will make exploration easier for players.

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