Twitch ads have become a real problem

(Image Credit: Twitch)
(Image Credit: Twitch)
Brandon Moore

Twitch is the top platform in the world when it comes to streaming. Users can find more than just video games being streamed on Twitch now. Music, art, TV shows, and more have found their way to the Amazon owned streaming giant.

Recently, ads being run on Twitch have stirred up quite the controversy. Users have found that the experience of watching streams is essentially being ruined. These issues are coming from Twitch itself rather than from the streamers.

Twitch ads are becoming a nuisance

Twitch has recently implemented a policy that automates mid-roll ads. These ads won't run for viewers that may have seen a pre-roll ad, or an ad runn by the streamer. For those who haven't had a recent ad break though, a must see portion of the stream could easily be interrupted. Comparing this to YouTube, it seems like Twitch has a problem.

On top of this new policy, Twitch seems to have found a way around ad blocking applications. Twitch has allegedly embedded ads into the stream videos. This circumvents ad blockers. Twitch viewers that have ad blocking enabled are still seeing ads when arriving to a stream or when a streamer rolls it.

Twitch streamers and ads


Ads are an essential way for streamers to make money. Notable streamer Shroud responded to a donation that questioned why he is running an ad when he makes so much as a streamer. Shroud said that's part of how he makes the millions.

However, other streamers aren't too fond of the changes being made. There is a large belief among Twitch partners that the streaming platform does not pay well for ads. That is why the streamers don't run ads as much, instead asking for subs and donations as a way to make their money.

The Twitch ad issue is not new, and will probably persist for as long as the platform remains relevant. Viewers don't want ads interrupting their favorite streams. Streamers want to be able to choose when they run ads. Twitch wants to control it by making sure they are getting their ad revenue. It seems that all the involved parties have reached an impasse.

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