Twitch receives online flak from streamers over new ad policy 

Twitch has introduced a new ad policy- and streamers are not happy.
Twitch has introduced a new ad policy- and streamers are not happy.
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

One of the most popular streaming platforms in the present era, Twitch, is now facing a significant amount of backlash, following the introduction of a new ad-policy.

Content creators ranging from small-scale streamers to prominent stars have all come together to criticize Twitch's new system, which allows ads to pop-up mid-stream. This move was taken without the consent of the platform creators and also deprives them of any degree of autonomy over running advertisements during their streams.

In an official announcement on Twitter, Twitch announced that they would be trying out 'automated mid-roll ads':

This implies that advertisements could invade a live stream at a critical juncture, a decision over which Twitch streamers will have no control. Such kind of interruptions will undoubtedly affect the flow of the stream and create a jarring impact on the whole.

Soon after this scheme was announced, streamers launched a wave of dissent against Twitch. From being deemed invasive to money-hungry, streamers did not mince words as they lashed out at Twitch's new ad policy.

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Streamers react to Twitch's new ad policy


In a video posted by a YouTuber named Ericutz4thewin, she reveals how problematic Twitch's new ad policy can prove to be for streamers:

Just stop trying to look good, we know you want money alright. But of course they're gonna hide it, they're gonna make it seem like it's about the creator and it's gonna help them. Here's the facts okay, as an affiliate you don't make a lot of money with ads . In my best month on Twitch, I made around $3 and some change, that's crazy.

She then highlights how these mid-stream ads could influence the outcome of the stream, as she speaks about the viewers:

Some of them could just leave because they don't wanna see ads. Neither the streamer nor the viewer has control over this. Twitch is kinda screwing the small streamers, it's so hard to get discovered on Twitch.

In light of these very issues, several Twitch streamers took to Twitter to vent their grievances:

A streamer by the name of Lance even posted a hilarious video on the entire fiasco:

After being called out for handing out unreasonable bans and in general for its toxic environment, Twitch now seems to have landed itself in a soup yet again, as the backlash against their new ad policy continues to incite an inflammatory response online.

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