'Toxicity and nudity': What modern-day Twitch looks like

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, with thousands of content creators jostling for viewership.

The platform has proved to be a relief for several during the pandemic, as it has enabled a virtual means of communication for fans across the globe. This has allowed content creators to sustain themselves and also establish an interactive relationship with their fans.

However, technology is both a boon and a bane. Lately, in the face of rampant toxicity, Twitch seems to have become a pale shadow of what it was originally created for.

The general online environment has also proved to be corrosive, as several instances of toxicity and inappropriate behaviour keep cropping up.

Which makes you wonder: Where exactly is Twitch headed?

Keeping this troublesome trend in mind, YouTuber ItsAGundam decided to make a video on what the popular platform has become in the modern era of streaming.

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Twitch Live: A murky quagmire


Twitch has become notorious for handing out bans of late, with some being deserved, while there are a few who have done nothing overly sinister to warrant one.

For example, take the case of Dr Disrespect, who is still one of the most wholesome streamers in the world. Months after his unceremonious Twitch ban, there is still no official reason as to what could have possibly led to his suspension, so much so that The Doc has been having anxiety of late.

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ItsAGundam begins his video with a clip of Dr Disrespect's recent rant against Twitch:

"Twitch caters to 8 or 11-year-olds who are desperate for some sort of Fortnite gameplay of their favourite Fortnite gamer/player, then the other 50 percent are in Just Chatting looking at big ass b***s, that's why. Welcome to Twitch."

ItsAGundam then takes over as he begins by sarcastically saying:

"I love Twitch, where else but on Twitch can you just see absolute nuttery... only on Twitch can you see a father roasting his daughter over her content not being good. Not only that, there's even the crazy chicks, now there's multiple levels. There are chicks that use their femininity to make a lot of money."

He then provides the example of a Russian Twitch streamer who earned $250,000 from Twitch to buy her dream house.

The streamer goes by the name of Gavrilka, and she has around 178K followers on the platform. ItsAGundam mentions how a few viewers ended up donating furniture to her as she was eventually able to raise the required amount of money.

Image Credits: Twitter
Image Credits: Twitter

However, she then returned to ask for money for an apartment, and the most interesting reveal comes when he states that she ends up banning anyone who asks her where the money for her house went!

He comments about Twitch's lack of action and other problematic trends:

"The beauty is Twitch does nothing about it... that's what makes Twitch great. It's such a biased platform that I love it because it's as corrupt as the government is and it's blatantly in your face."
"These girls, they're doing cocaine... they're doing rails live on Twitch and the funniest part is chat is in full support of it, they're like Yes Queen, do those rails! Talk about simping!"

He ends his video by bringing up the following tweet:

Image Credits: Twitter
Image Credits: Twitter

In light of what Twitch has become today, he sums it up by saying:

"It's 2020, society is just going to hell in a handbasket, the degradation of society is complete."

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