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The most toxic gamer on Twitch 

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Modified 06 Sep 2020, 22:17 IST

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, which hosts a plethora of personalities from various walks of life. People from different professions have taken to Twitch, with the most dominant one currently being that of gaming.

On a daily basis, we get to witness several streamers playing popular games online while also interacting with their fans. However, online streaming platforms such as Twitch also serve as breeding grounds for rampant toxicity. Recently, a shocking instance of such behaviour came to light.

A Twitch streamer by the name of Sophia / Slazerxo, who is known to play games such as Valorant and Warzone, recently posted a clip on Twitter where a male gamer could be heard making highly insensitive and sexist remarks.

The male gamer made some utterly distasteful comments that revealed a deep-rooted toxicity that seems to prevails online.

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Toxicity x Twitch


Recently, a YouTuber called Pegasus released a video online where he addressed this incident and brought to light the rampant toxicity that often prevails on platforms such as Twitch.

He played highlights of Slazerxo's Twitch stream, where the male gamer talked disrespectfully about Vaevictis, an all-female esports team which lost by a huge margin:

No girls are good at video games...these girls had a professional team and they lost the most in a row, of any team ever, by like twice the amount ...It's facts, they're trash.

That was not all as he stooped to an even lower level. He continued with the sexist remarks and said that women gamers were not better than him even when he lost to one:

This is just one game, on the whole women are garbage in everything , especially video games . You're not better than me, this was only one game, you f*****g w***e . Shut up, it means nothing.

On hearing these comments, Pegasus commented:

Women are the worst in video games, yet you still got smashed dude! You f*****g loser, get banished dude, you're not a man, you call yourself a man? If you're gonna be an A-hole, at least make it funny.
If I was in this girl's place, I would roast this man so hard, he would never play Valorant ever again ...I would lay into this guy like a f*****g piranha dude. He's a basement dwelling slug that probably spent his life savings on V-bucks or something dude.

He then proceeded to play the second half of the clip, where the guy made even more deplorable comments on her Twitch stream:

Your mom has cancer, you're gonna die of cancer...bring Coronavirus to America, you sound ugly, please f*** yourself. You're all f*****g garbage.

On hearing this, Pegasus ended the video by tearing into the toxic gamer:

This guy has a stick up his butt cheeks dude...someone, somewhere did not love this man and this is the result of it , just raging online. Gamers, be strong, be wholesome, a game is just a game.

This incident constitutes a shocking instance of sexism and toxicity online, and such elements need to be called out for their actions.

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This instance is just one of many that plagues the online community and platforms such as Twitch today, where a combination of insecurity and toxicity prove to be detrimental towards having a healthy online environment.

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Published 06 Sep 2020, 22:17 IST
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