Twitch changes policy after Dr Disrespect plays on live stream with Nadeshot and Snoop Dogg

Image Credits: The Loadout
Image Credits: The Loadout

Months after his ban, Dr Disrespect continues to be a point of contention for Twitch. In late August and early September, there was a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, titled Vikkstar's Warzone Showdown, held. It was meant to be a high-profile event for streamers and Call of Duty pros. The format was based on having two duo teams that joined each other in a squad to compete in games.

The controversy began when Dr Disrespect moved forward in the tournament and ended up in the same lobby and match as Crimsix and Nadeshot. The latter two did not mute Dr Disrespect, and continued streaming live on Twitch. Therefore, the Doc was being played through another stream and appearing on the platform.

This is a problem for Twitch because it had permanently banned Dr Disrespect, and him appearing on other streams is a breach of terms of service. It's a violation that has caused other bans in the community.

Twitch changes policy after Dr Disrespect plays on live stream with Nadeshot and Snoop Dogg

There has now been a development in this dilemma, with Twitch updating its community guidelines to clarify what happened. In a video from Esports Talk on YouTube, a viewer tweeted out what appears to be a revision to the community guidelines and terms of service for the streaming giant.

Rules regarding playing with other banned streamers live have already been implemented on Twitch. The problem now is that Dr Disrespect was permanently suspended, and no one to this day is sure why. At the very least, people know why, but there are no official statements on what caused Dr Disrespect to be banned.

Because of that, it's likely hard to justify banning another high profile streamer for not muting DR Disrespect on their Twitch stream. The critical thing to note here is also the specific circumstance of the matter. Based on how Twitch refers to it, the problem in question is called suspension evading. If Nadeshot were to let Dr Disrespect stream with him for hours on end, that would likely end with the former being banned.

In this case, streamers were placed in a situation through a tournament where they had to play with Dr Disrespect. They probably could have muted him, but that goes along with the murky details of his ban. No one is sure how severe his ban is or why they would need to mute him.

Now that Twitch is aware of this, and the waters have been tested, it's unlikely that any more high-profile Twitch streamers will try their luck in this matter.

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