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Nadeshot, Crimsix and Snoop Dogg risk Twitch ban to play with Dr Disrespect 

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Modified 16 Sep 2020, 22:06 IST

On the 26th of June this year, one of the most formidable online personas, Dr Disrespect received a Twitch ban which sent ripples throughout the entire streaming community.

Without providing him with an official reason, Dr Disrespect was banned off the platform, which resulted in him making a triumphant return to streaming on YouTube. Ever since his Twitch ban, there has been a raging debate online as to what can possibly happen if fellow Twitch streamers decide to stream alongside the Doc- would they also receive a ban or would Twitch let it slip considering their stature?

However, due to a substantial risk factor and the threat of a potential ban, Dr Disrespect recently had to call off his collaboration with Twitch streamer x2Pac.

Just when it seemed almost impossible for Twitch streamers to play alongside The Doc, prominent names such as Snoop Dogg, Nadeshot and Crimsix recently stepped in to play alongside the most dominating specimen in video game history.

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A Twitch uprising ft. Dr Disrespect?


Recently, the host of Esports Talk on YouTube, Jake Lucky tweeted about Dr Disrespect's recent streams with Nadeshot, Snoop Dogg and Crimsix:

The trio are yet to receive a ban or face any action from Twitch. Keeping this in mind, Jake Lucky analyzed the situation in his latest video and gave the example of a Fortnite pro called Zayn, who had received a ban:

Based of Twitch rules, when you are a banned streamer , you cannot be in the stream, your presence and especially not your voice on the screen of another Twitch streamer . Twitch is subjective at times as they treat big streamers a bit differently than the tinier guys but it's just so baffling.

Nadeshot had recently addressed a potential ban for streaming alongside The Doc:

Man, Twitch really gonna be for talking to Doc in game? Ah, come on! What are you gonna do, I'll tell you what man, they ban me...I've been on here since Justin TV. They gotta make a decision there, no respect.

With prominent names stepping up to stream alongside Dr Disrespect, this has opened up a whole new debate regarding Twitch's skewed policies:

It remains to be seen if any action is indeed taken against the trio. And if not, then this certainly opens up a Pandora's box related to Twitch's ToS and highlights a conspicuous disparity in their treatment of more prominent streamers vis a vis smaller ones.

Published 16 Sep 2020, 22:06 IST
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