Twitch under fire over "hot-tub streams," as streamers express concern over C9 Mang0's ban

Image Via Red Bull Gaming
Image Via Red Bull Gaming

Twitch streamers have stated their concern for rules on the platform, as C9 Mang0 received a recent ban on Twitch, with hot tub streams still running rampant on the just chatting section.

Twitch has always been a platform where rules are subject to change, and every ban situation is a bit different. It leads to certain bans appearing harsh or unfair, while other streamers get away free when they should have been banned. In other words, Twitch has been inconsistent for some time now.

C9 Mang0 is the latest case of inconsistency on the streaming platform, and it has raised some eyebrows. C9 Mang0 was seen on stream with an expensive anime statue, and he conveyed some inappropriate actions. He was also supposedly drinking when the clip happened, and there could have been a lapse of judgement on his part.

He ended up with a three day ban for what he claimed was "sexual content" from Twitch's end. Of course, C9 Mang0 was unhappy with the ban and he has called Twitch out for their inconsistent rules. He was banned for "sexual content," and he pointed out that hot tub streams were still running all over Twitch in the just chatting section, and yet those were deemed fine.

Concern over Twitch's rules after C9 Mang0 is banned and hot tub streams continue


Debate has raged all over Twitch in the wake of C9 Mang0's ban, and especially the rise of hot tub streams in general. Streamers have conveyed that they are totally fine with them, while others have condemned the streams.

One of the threads of debate that C9 Mang0 also joined in was tweeted by MsBananas, who is another streamer on Twitch. Her point was that the just chatting section appears to be another site entirely at this point. Female streamers like Pokket defended the hot tub streams, and even Asmongold said people should be careful what they wish for.

Podcasts like the Housewives of Twitch recently debated the topic of hot tub streams too. The five streamers who have huge audiences themselves were conflicted on whether hot tub streams were a good thing for Twitch. Some belived that it would bring more traffic, and others believed that it would bring unwanted traffic.

It's clear from all of the debate that the community is split, and Twitch will have to make a decision on where they stand with hot tub streams soon.

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