Twitch streamer and Adult TikToker 'Pokeprincxss' sued by Nintendo for her name

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Pokeprincxss is a popular TikTok star with almost 2 million followers, who was recently sued by gaming giant Nintendo for her name.

Nintendo seems to be taking every step needed to protect its intellectual property, on account of which, they recently forced Pokeprincxss to rebrand her online identity, and also demanded her to hand over the earnings from her merchandise sales.

Pokeprincxss's real name is Marissa Cloutier and she is a popular social media influencer who also happens to be an avid fan of Pokemon. She began showing off her massive collection of Pokemon memorabilia from the age of 18 and has since then, grown as an internet personality.

She recently released a YouTube video, where she spoke about how Nintendo was suing her, over the use of her name 'Pokeprincxss'.

She revealed that she can no longer go by the name 'Pokeprincxss' and will henceforth be adopting the title of 'digitalprincxss'.

Besides being a Twitch streamer and TikToker, pokeprincxss also has an OnlyFans account, where she posts adult content.

This was cited as one of the major reasons for Nintendo deciding to sue her, which she revealed in her video.

Nintendo sues Pokeprincxss


In a recent YouTube video, the TikTok star went into detail as to why exactly she had decided to rebrand her social identity, especially when 'pokeprincxss' had already developed into a brand of sorts.

She stated that Nintendo was officially suing her, over her merchandise brand and her decision to get her name trademarked:

"I got my name trademark and that was an issue ...I went through Legalzoom and got accepted as pokeprincxss . Two months ago I received an email from my lawyer saying 'you have a cease and desist from Nintendo' . "
"They said that I had copyrighted all of their stuff, they said 'you have pokeballs in your merchandise'. So they obviously reserved all rights and earnings from anything that I sold ."

She then went on to state how Nintendo were apprehensive of the fact that her username could create confusion among fans of Pokemon:

"Nintendo doesn't want people to think that i'm in any shape or form affiliated with them or that I have a partnership with tmhe, and it all comes back to me being an adult entertainer. Pokemon is a family-friendly company and they don't want that to at all to ruin their reputation. "
"Obviously that really sucks, but from a business standpoint I have to understand it and accept it because I f****d u"\

She has now officially rebranded as digitalprincxss and is selling merchandise under her new name.

She also posted a tweet, where she requested fans to not oppose Nintendo and the Pokemon brand, as she admits to being at fault:

And for all those fans wondering if she could into trouble with the Digimon franchise, she assured that there is no reason to worry:

Despite her being okay with it, fans don't seem to share the same sentiment, as highlighted by this particular user's tweet:

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