Twitch streamer exposes his girlfriend's "shameless" donation goal 

Image via Destiny/Twitch
Image via Destiny/Twitch

In a hilarious expose recently, Twitch streamer Steven “Destiny” Kenneth Bonnell II questioned his girlfriend Melina's recent donation goal for a laptop, considering the fact that she already has one, which he himself had bought her.

The incident took place during Melina's recent donation goal stream, where her top goal mentioned buying a laptop for herself.

However, unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend decided to tune into her stream and expressed surprise over her donation goals, even going to the extent of hilariously calling her "shameless."

That's not all; he then proceeded to go to her room and confront her about the same, much to her embarrassment.

Destiny confronts Melina over her donation goal on Twitch

In the clip above, Destiny can be seen watching Melina's stream, only to appear surprised on noticing her topmost donation goal:

"Why is Melina doing a donation goal for her laptop that I f*****g bought for her? This is shameless!"


In an extended clip above, Destiny can also be seen going to her room and confronting her about the same, which prompted her to respond:

"What? What are you doing? Why are you watching me...stop watching me! Stop!"

Destiny is a popular League of Legends streamer who also tries his hand at games such as PUBG, Minecraft, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Apart from gaming streams, he also tries his hand at the IRL genre on Twitch and is known to engage in political debates as well as espouse philosophy from time to time.

He is one of the oldest Twitch streamers who has 622K followers to date, with an additional 325K subscribers on YouTube.

Most recently, he played a vital role in analyzing the entire Pokimane x Fedmyster drama after he decided to read out lengthy Google documents on his Twitch live stream.

Destiny is in a relationship with fellow Twitch streamer Melina, who is known for her IRL streams, where she often travels around the world to various places.

The duo often feature in each other's streams and are known for their frequent banter with one another.

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