"She is just lying right now": Pokimane criticized for laughing off manipulative claims made by Fedmyster in his statement

Image via Fedmyster/Twitter
Image via Fedmyster/Twitter

A day after former Offline TV member Federico "Fedmyster" Gaytan revealed incriminating text messages between him and Imane "Pokimane" Anys; the latter is now being criticized online for her flippant response to the allegations.

During her recent stream, Pokimane addressed the entire statement made by Fedmyster in detail, where her nonchalant behavior in addressing serious allegations was labeled "insensitive."

In her response to the entire Fedmyster drama, she tweeted the above, where she summed it all up with a simple "looking forward to moving on."

Sensing a guilty complex, the online community was quick to call her out for trying to laugh off the tag of being a manipulator.

Joining them was Twitch streamer Destiny, who proceeded to call her out for failing to admit that she was also wrong.

"I like how she just laughs off all the shit she says": Destiny criticizes Pokimane's response to Fedmyster


In his recent revelatory and lengthy statement, Fedmyster went into detail about his rocky relationship with Pokimane and how the duo were more than just friends.

Claiming that she allegedly led him on via mixed signals, Fedmyster revealed that his relationship with Pokimane constituted a major strain upon his time as an Offline TV creator.

In addition to revealing details about their relationship, Fedmyster also claimed that it was actually Pokimane who wanted fellow Offline TV member Yvonne removed from the house.

According to his statement, during the entire fiasco, she ended up making him the scapegoat.

After his statement was leaked, he addressed the issue in another word file, where he stated that the two had come to an agreement regarding the fallout of their relationship.

Furthermore, despite stating that he stands by what he said in the document, it wasn't his intention to portray Pokimane in a bad light:

Image via Fedmyster
Image via Fedmyster
Image via Fedmyster
Image via Fedmyster

Keeping this in mind, Pokimane recently responded to the allegations, where she appeared to laugh it all off.

At one particular juncture, she addressed one of her earlier tweets above, which seemed to throw shade at Fedmyster being removed from the Offline TV house:

"I don't know if this is like something I'm supposed to apologize for. I think I'll just admit, like yeah, I did this. Is this the nicest thing? No, but also, I was just so over it. "

She then addressed her relationship with Fedmyster, where she denied that the two were dating:

"Me and Fed had gotten really close although we obviously weren't dating, we're like talking, and we live together. We talked about this, and I think we all want to move the f**k on. "

In the clip above, she appeared to claim that it was regular 20-year old relationship bullshit:

"To me, in all honesty, all of this is really not all that important. Itโ€™s regular 20-year-old relationship bullsh*t."

Later on in the video, she stated that Fedmyster's document is wrong on so many levels, as she brushes aside rumors of him sleeping in her room.

This prompted a response from Twitch streamer Destiny, who questioned:

"Wait, what was wrong about the document? It feels like she corroborated, like she basically laughed off all the parts she didn't want to go deep into and then like, what was wrong about it?"
"He was not sleeping in other people's rooms the way he was sleeping in Poki's room. That's just not true! I can't believe she's saying it. It's obvious from the messages.

In the clip above, Destiny stated that Pokimane is blatantly lying about her not wanting Yvonne to get fired from the Offline TV house:

"Oh my God, she is just lying right now! She needed better lies for this. These are bad lies! You just need to read the text messages. That is just not true!"

In light of Pokimane's recent response to Fedmyster's revelatory statement, the internet doesn't seem to be buying into her comments, as they criticized her flippant behavior in taking accountability:

While the internet seems to have come to a consensus that these recent allegations against Pokimane does not absolve Fedmyster of his behavior in the past, it is her recent response to the situation which has irked them.

As dissent continues to mount online, it appears that Pokimane's recent response video might have not exactly gone the way she intended it to.

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