The Rise and Fall of Pokimane 

Pokimane (Image Credits: Dexerto)
Pokimane (Image Credits: Dexerto)
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For a number of months now, Pokimane has been at the center of a plethora of controversies.

The streamer, who boasts of a huge fan base, is one of the most disliked broadcasters around. As of today, she has 5.59 million subscribers on YouTube, along with around 5.5 million followers on Twitch.

Pokimane initially rose to fame due to her above-average gaming skills and ability to connect and engage with viewers for hours together. But as she garnered popularity, she started being involved in controversies as well.

Apart from the huge numbers, her fan base is considered to be very loyal as well, if not a bit ‘too loyal’.

Image Credits: Pokimane, Twitch
Image Credits: Pokimane, Twitch

A majority of her fans are considered ‘simps’ who appear a bit too willing to support their favorite streamer through thick and thin. Of late, she has needed them too.

What began as irregular criticism related to her brand of content and the fact that people thought she was only watched due to her ‘good looks’, has now turned into one of the internet’s biggest sagas.

Charting Pokimane's meteoric rise and equally quick fall

Pokimane was one of the female streamers who were constantly accused of having too many ‘simp’ fans. As she grew more famous, the internet seemed to divide itself into two distinct categories. A small part of the community was made up of her fans, while the majority hated her to no bounds.

It all began when she decided to go after a fellow content creator who had posted a YouTube video mocking her brand of content and fans. The YouTuber was ItsAGundam, who has only benefited from the attention at the end of the day.

Pokimane had encouraged her viewers to post negative feedback on his video, and had gone after his sponsor for supporting such ‘defamatory material’.


This led to a more serious beef, which was never brought to a conclusion.

YouTuber Keemstar then absolutely bashed Pokimane and even called her fake and pathetic. He accused her of lying to the internet about not having a boyfriend so that vulnerable men continued donating and subscribing to her streams.

Since then, Keemstar has insulted Pokimane multiple times, and claimed that he will never forgive her. This was followed by a strangely silent few weeks, before another, arguably bigger feud emerged.

The latest to join the bandwagon was former YouTuber and Twitch streamer Leafy.

For one reason or another, Leafy posted a series of videos on Pokimane over a period of around two months. Somewhere in between, specifically on August 9th, he posted on Twitter claiming that Pokimane indeed has a boyfriend; you can see the tweet below.

Over time, Leafy posted 12 videos mocking Pokimane and her fans, the final one being called “content stone age – pokimane”. The video can still be seen on Twitter as a matter of fact.

Of course, the post led to Leafy being banned, which was after Pokimane had announced a month long break from all forms of social media. However, that did not stop the internet for blaming her, along with her fans, for the situation.

Even though Pokimane had distanced herself from the controversy, she had become one of the most hated streamers around by this time.

She returned from her break to post an apology video which led to further criticism. She has since returned to Twitch, only to be given a lukewarm response. Her return stream managed merely 34,000 views, which is underwhelming considering how many people showed up to receive streamers such as Ninja, Shroud and Dr DisRespect - who have all made some form of return over the past few weeks.


The amount of hatred that she has received, along with the underwhelming response to her return, suggest that Pokimane might not be as well liked as she used to be some months back. You can watch her return stream below.

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