The story of Pokimane's fall from grace

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24-year-old Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has witnessed a blossoming streaming career so far, with millions of followers across the globe. Having started out on Twitch, she also made the transition to YouTube, where her popularity reached new heights.

But the higher she rose eventually, the more her popularity teetered dangerously towards a decline, which considering her recent spate of controversies, seemed inevitable. From being called a hypocrite to being accused of living off her army of fans referred to as simps, things began to unravel at a rapid pace for the Moroccan-born star.

The criticism reached such toxic levels of late, that the cumulative effect resulted in her taking a hiatus from social media and streaming.

So the question to be asked is, how exactly did her career take such a turn for the worse?

The downfall of Pokimane

Having burst on to the social media scene with a rapid rise in followers, word of Pokimane's popularity began to trend all over.

Her interactive sessions with fans, followed by gameplay videos came off as endearing and unproblematic at first and everything was going smoothly until things began to gradually unravel, with her personality beginning to bare its flaws. From excessive copyright claiming to the overwhelming toxicity of her simps, a YouTuber named Andrei Terbea recently released a video, where he traces the origins of Pokimane's downfall.


He goes on to the mention the ongoing YouTubers vs Twitch streamers war and highlights Pokimane's early role in the same. From engaging in a feud with Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem to taking offence to YouTuber Bowblax's compilation video on her, slowly, Pokimane began to attract the wrong sort of attention.

He comments on her move to copyright claim the video:

Mind you, the legal grounds for this action were at the very least questionable , if not, non-existent .

He then criticises her half-hearted apology and highlights a conspicuous sense of disregard for content etiquette on Pokimane's part, which is what eventually turned toxic in the months to come.

Making his own observations on the reasons behind her downfall, he rightfully sums up and states:

The more attention she got in her career, the more entitled she felt to resort to such actions . Through her consistent pattern of silencing her critics and taking down videos left and right , she's proven to be not only thin-skinned but also to seemingly take pride in this behaviour.

Commenting further on her proclivity towards copyright striking people, he says:

She's like a leopard playing with her prey before striking and for someone who puts up this wholesome persona, her claws seem to be surprisingly sharp.

He mentions the ItsAGundam controversy and how the idea behind weaponizing her army of simps to go spread dislikes/ hate was an utterly condemnable thing to do.

Speaking on her skewed sense of entitlement intertwined with a manipulative personality, he draws a resemblance to her transforming into a problematic Karen-like figure. He ends his video by commenting on the YouTube vs Twitch war and the correct definition of what transformative, wholesome content really stands for.

With Pokimane currently on a break from social media and streaming, one can only hope that some time off helps her rectify some visible flaws, which in turn might make her more understanding towards the very notion of constructive criticism.

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