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"I didn't mean it": Twitch streamer goes on a rant thinking her mic is muted, regrets her decision

Image via QuarterJade
Image via QuarterJade
Modified 19 Feb 2021

A Twitch streamer called QuarterJade went on a tirade against her chat only to later realize that all of her friends could hear it.

QuarterJade was angry with her chat, writing "Pummel party" multiple times. Pummel Party is an indie game that has become very popular to watch in QuarterJade's audience. The streamer did not like hearing about the game when she wasn't playing it.

When she saw that "Pummelparty" was taking over her chat, she got annoyed. QuarterJade yelled into her microphone after looking at her chat,

"Shut yo ass up with pummel party, if I see pummel party in my chat one more f***ing time, I'm going to uninstall that stupid game, not even--I have PTSD--"

She stopped when she saw that Valkyrae and the other streamers could hear her yell. Her voice and expression changed immediately after the realization. She said,

"Oh my God, I'm unmuted. Oh my God, oh my god. I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it."

Valkyrae immediately started laughing and poked fun at QuarterJade. They both play Pummel Party together. Valkyrae did not let QuarterJade squirm out of the situation either.


QuarterJade's exhaustion from playing Pummel Party is understandable. She plays it often. The game has become incredibly popular on Twitch. While she may play it again, it will be some time before her friends stop reminding her of her feelings about the game.

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Pummel Party is starting to become far more popular among Twitch Streamers.

Among Us is losing its popularity as other games are trying to fill the void. Pummel Party has become the go-to for groups of four streamers on Twitch. From the looks of it, this game may be replacing Among Us.

Pummel Party has been called the "adult version" of Mario Party. It is a lot more graphic. It seems like the minigames were made for adult players. The game features weapons, fire, and a lot of blood and gore.

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Published 19 Feb 2021, 20:16 IST
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