Twitch streamer HAchubby orders a pizza with banana, pineapple, and ketchup on Live stream; gets roasted and stream sniped mercilessly  

HAchubby's recent decision to try a Swedish pizza turned out to be a nightmare!

HAchubby is a popular Korean Twitch streamer, with around 231K followers.

She is known for her Just Chatting and IRL streams, where she often visits new places and tries out different activities. She is also known for her quirky and endearing personality, which has earned her thousands of fans throughout her streaming career.

Currently, she has been guiding her fans through an IRL Twitch stream of Sweden, and it was during one recent stream where fans were left aghast at her decision to order a pizza.

While this might seem relatively harmless, it was the type of pizza that she ordered that led to a wild reaction among viewers: A banana, pineapple and curry pizza, replete with ketchup!

In the clip above, soon after she takes a generous bite of the pizza, her response is hilarious as she grimaces in visible discomfort.

However, not all her viewers were fans of her 'adventurous' order, as several began to roast her for even trying it, which included the likes of Hasan Piker, aka HasanAbi, who was extremely vocal with his disapproval.

"This is a war crime": HasanAbi roasts HAchubby's pizza order on Twitch

In the clip above, Twitch streamer HasanAbi does not mince words as he reacts to HAchubby's decision to try a Banana-Pineapple pizza, replete with ketchup:

This is literally a war crime , this should be prosecuted. In a just world, if you ate a pineapple pizza and then you doused it with ketchup , you should go to jail. I know I believe in rehabilitation over incarceration but no, jail for you!

He then realizes that she also had bananas on it, which causes him to cry out:

She had bananas on it! Nope, jail again , jail again! You're going to jail dude, you put f*****g bananas , you go to jail and the people who consumes it also goes to jail!

That was not all, as HAchubby also ended up getting stream sniped by a random passerby on Twitch, who continued to troll her over her recent pizza escapade:

As he cycles by a visibly shocked HAchubby, he pops in to hilariously say:

Don't put ketchup on pizza, that's illegal! No Simp September!

Check out some of the other reactions which viewers had to HAchubby's 'unique' pizza combination during a Twitch live stream:

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Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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