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Twitch streamer slams viewers for making 'small talk' during live stream

Image Credits: Twitch Stats
Image Credits: Twitch Stats
Rishabh B.
Modified 09 Sep 2020, 17:49 IST

In the past, we have seen multiple Twitch streamers who have been incredibly rude to their viewers. Firstly, there is InvaderVie, the Canadian broadcaster whose streams are majorly of the "IRL" genre. She ended up telling her viewers that they shouldn't waste their time on Twitch if they do not have $5 to spare for her streams.

Furthermore, she explained that it wasn't a figure as high as $20 that she had been asking for, and therefore, people should not pretend it's a big deal. Of course, what made it worse was that the streamer's rant came after the coronavirus pandemic had hit the world.

Similarly, we have also talked about Twitch streamer BadBunny, who has gone on comprehensively worse rants, multiple times. She once told her viewers that she has more value than all of them 'put together', and that the only way she would respect them was when they gave her 'money'. Moreover, unlike InvaderVie, BadBunny has not even apologized for her antics!

YouTuber dyfo has now shed light on another rather entitled broadcaster who has continuously bashed her viewers in the recent past.

Twitch streamer slams viewers for making 'small talk' during live stream

Fleeksie is a Twitch streamer/gamer who has around 36.5k followers on the platform. Like InvaderVie, most of her streams are of the 'Just Chatting' genre. However, she also plays games such as Overwatch and GTA 5.

A few days ago, Fleeksie posted a series of tweets telling her viewers that they should stop making small talk on her streams! In the first of three tweets, she told her viewers to stop asking her "How are you?" while she was streaming. According to the Twitch streamer, there was no reason to ask that question when she was online because 'the room is not on fire'.

People were immediately offended, and began criticizing her for the pointless rant. However, this was not the end of it. She further explained that she almost 'throws up' each time somebody asks her how she is. Of course, the amount of criticism that she received made her ease off, as she responded by softening her stance, as you can see below.


She explained herself by saying that greeting each other, or making small talk, is entirely unnecessary on this platform.

While the above tweets might not be as bad as some of the previous rants that we have seen some other streamers engage in, it was still unpleasant.

You can watch dyfo’s video on the matter below.

Published 09 Sep 2020, 17:49 IST
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