Twitch streamer TrainWrecks labels people criticizing his gambling streams as 'Insecure & Jealous'

TrainWrecks' gambling streams have been flagged by other streamers as dangerous for the platform (Image via Trainwreckstv, Twitch)
TrainWrecks' gambling streams have been flagged by other streamers as dangerous for the platform (Image via Trainwreckstv, Twitch)
Aryan Mehta

As the conversation around gambling on Twitch begins to gain traction, xQc and TrainWrecks streams have stood out to people who are condemning the concept of gambling on Twitch. Earlier this week, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold took to Twitter to state that gambling streams will cause more harm than good to the platform, and Twitch, as a platform, needs to get rid of it completely. Later on, Jeremy Hambly of 'TheQuartering' shared some concerns about how xQc and TrainWrecks could be in trouble for gambling streams from a legal standpoint. After hearing all this, TrainWrecks has responded to the situation.

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TrainWrecks responds to the comments on his gambling streams, calls critics "ratty"

In a recent stream when asked about the comments being made against him, TrainWrecks finally addressed concerns about gambling and had the following to say:

"It's the same god damn sh*t every god damn year right? It's like these people want to keep me in this like category where everyone else is here and I'm here and everything's cool and peaceful, but as soon as shit flops we got people jumping ship Minecraft style and out of nowhere, out of some insecurity and jealousy dropping some bullsh*t and flipping sides. Sh*t, some of these people that are saying the things they're saying like streamers. With the information that's out there, I understand why they're playing that narrative but from what I know of their deals and how they behave, I just know how f***ing ratty they're acting"

The conversation took off recently following Asmongold's tweet regarding gambling on Twitch and why he sees it as a problem.

Soon after, TheQuartering's deep dive added a lot more context to the situation as he showed leaked DMs between xQc and TrainWrecks that looked shady to say the least.

The video talks about the legal ambiguity surrounding online gambling and the sponsorships that go on behind closed doors. Stating that most gambling sites online use cryptocurrencies, there is no proper paper trail to follow in case the sites pull off unethical behavior.

As of now, Twitch has not released a statement regarding the state of gambling streams even though the platform as a whole was banned in Slovakia due to a gambling stream.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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