Twitch Streamers are now receiving DMCA strikes for videos deleted years ago

Image via Twitch Blog
Image via Twitch Blog
Rishabh B.
Modified 10 Nov 2020

Various Twitch streamers have recently found themselves being banned due to the DMCA takedown because of videos that have been deleted a long time ago.

The DMCA takedown has led to widespread panic and speculation, with various streamers reacting by manually deleting their VODs off the platform. This was despite Twitch saying that they would be deleting the inappropriate content on their own.

However, now it seems that even deleting these clips might not be enough to ward off further action on the matter. Various streamers like xQc, Devin Nash, and AvaGG have claimed that they have received DMCA notification/strikes for content that doesn't even exist on their Twitch channels.

Twitch Streamers are now receiving DMCA strikes for videos deleted years ago

The DMCA scandal has single-handedly led to panic and confusion among notable Twitch streamers. Several streamers inadvertently use music that they do not own on their streams. This had led to various copyright claims being received by Twitch from the owners of the music.

While Twitch had said that they would be deleting the problematic content automatically off the platform, the process has proved to be far more difficult. Firstly, the notification itself had led to widespread panic among streamers, who were not sure if they should manually delete their VODs, considering what Twitch had promised.

With quite a few streamers actually deleting their VODs manually, there have been further complications. Various Twitch streamers were banned, although they were revoked within hours. However, it appears that even deleting VODs manually might be useless, with many streamers having received DMCA notifications about content that does not even exist on their channel.

Image via Syndicate, Twitter
Image via Syndicate, Twitter

The videos still exist on Twitch’s servers, which means streamers can still get a DMCA notification for them even if they have deleted the content from their channels.

Some notable streamers, such as Devin Nash, have been talking about the issue. Devin went ahead and accused Twitch of not protecting them while they had to delete their ‘legacies.’

Twitch seems to have approached the DMCA issue in a highly problematic manner, with streamers left perplexed about what they should do to survive the situation.

Published 09 Nov 2020
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