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Twitter defeats Pokemon Red through one user's avatar 

Image via screenshakes (Twitter)
Image via screenshakes (Twitter)
Modified 18 Feb 2021

Twitter was able to beat Pokemon Red through one user's avatar after 40 days of playing. The Pokemon game required Twitter users to comment in order to play, and it took over 90,000 comments to complete the run.

The Twitter account that ran the Pokemon game is "screenshakes," and they are a programmer that decided to have some fun with Pokemon on Twitter.

Screenshakes programmed a way to play Pokemon Red in the avatar of their Twitter profile. Twitter users could comment in order to make inputs in the game.

Since the beginning of the Pokemon Twitter experiment, Twitter users have figured out how to work together to complete the run. After 40 days from the start of the game, all their hard work paid off, and Pokemon Red was defeated.

Though it doesn't exactly equal all the user inputs in the game, there were 90,000 comments posted to play Pokemon.

The start of the Pokemon Red Twitter run and how it works


In the above tweet, Twitter users and Pokemon Red fans could comment in order to enter an input for the game. Those inputs included: Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start, and Select.

Every 15 seconds, the program will refresh and scan through the comments in the tweet. The most popular comments every 15 seconds are then used as an input in Pokemon Red.

At first, it was tougher for users to work together in order to efficiently move through Pokemon Red. Things started to really gain traction when users chose Squirtle as the starter Pokemon and named it "AMAYBE" together.

When the game was initially programmed and made available in screenshakes' avatar, the game seemed a bit more minimal.

Shortly after, the game took off on Twitter, though, or rather the event, and screenshakes added frame saves to the avatar. With that change made, Twitter users were able to make real progress together.

Now that the Pokemon Red run is over, there are other possibilities for Twitter users on the screenshakes account. First, it seems to have been confirmed that images of the whole run were saved, and it's possible that a video detailing the whole run is in the works.

After the video, though, it seems likely that a new game will be placed into screenshakes' avatar for Twitter users to try and beat. Based on a tweet from screenshakes, it may be Super Mario Land that is up next.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 11:48 IST
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