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Twitter and IMDB troll Donald Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 

Image via 20th Century
Image via 20th Century
Modified 09 Jan 2021

Donald Trump had a "not so memorable cameo" in Home Alone 2, but the trivia that has appeared on IMDB after being banned on Twitter will be quite memorable.

Ever since Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, the internet has been very good at finding ways to poke fun at the situation.

Some users on IMDB edited Home Alone 2's trivia to include facts about Donald Trump and how he was a "star" of the movie, which seemed to be heading for rough times. When some Twitter users found these new trivia pieces, they began to post and comment about them.

Other Twitter users have pointed out that this was just one stop in Trump's rise to movie fame.


Donald Trump only received his cameo because of how expensive his hotel is

Many people may wonder why Trump appeared in Home Alone 2. Well, the movie is filmed mostly in the Plaza hotel, which Trump owns. He would not let the movie film in the lobby unless he were a part of it.

There was also an asking price of $30,000 per night, a far cry from the $900 room service bill that the main character's father was yelling about. The producers might have been willing to do whatever was asked not to pay any extra fees to shoot their movies at the Plaza Hotel.

Still, they were able to talk the former President down to just a 10-second cameo over his original demand to be one of the more prominent stars of the movie.


Yes, it is true that in many movies, favors are exchanged to get some things for free because budgets tend to be non-negotiable.

For example, the "Clerks" writer and star, Kevin Smith, directed a documentary for Prince to use the song "prince prettiest girl in the world," While that may not have worked, it is still prevalent in the Film Industry.

Twitter always has a way of bringing in the best memes and references. Here's hoping that every movie that Trump had a cameo in will be changed to include his very noteworthy trivia.

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Published 09 Jan 2021, 20:51 IST
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