Twitter reacts to the cool 'TikTok Dad of the year' who supports and understands video games

Image Credits: Twitter
Image Credits: Twitter

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world and is known to attract millions of users on a daily basis from across the globe.

While a majority of TikTokers today are predominantly teenagers and celebrities, there also happen to be a few boomers who have made quite a name for themselves on the social media platform.

Just recently, a 37-year old man by the name of Doggface208 shot to worldwide fame when a viral TikTok of him skateboarding to the tunes of Fleetwood Mac's song 'Dreams' trended all over social media.

Recently, another dad came into the spotlight for being the 'coolest dad ever' on account of his decision to not disturb his daughter from her online video game!

A TikTok user by the name of billyvsco can be spotted interacting with his teenage daughter, who seems engrossed in playing a video game. He can be heard telling her to take the trash out and she responds by saying that she is in the middle of something.

To the surprise of the viewers, rather than admonish her, he goes on to make a heartfelt plea on how parents should make an attempt to understand the fact that video games are the same as any other sport.

The 54-second clip has now gone viral on Twitter, where several responded to the TikTok 'dad of the year'.

'Here's the deal with online games, they're the same thing': TikTok dad's message to parents


Over the course of the 54 second clip the dad comes across as an understanding individual, who doesn't differentiate, nor undermine, the value of video games in today's world.

He seemingly goes on to imply that daily chores such as taking out the trash can wait as video games are no different to an actual sport, which involves team spirit and sportsmanship.

"Parents, let me just explain something in case y'all didn't know, you can't pause an online game as she's got teammates that she's gonna let down if you just have her come take out the trash right now , when we know that trash could wait for another 10-15 minutes. "

He then goes on to address his daughter:

"But here's the deal, kid, as soon as your online game is over, please go and take the trash out...Deal? Deal."

Soon after the clip went viral, there was a barrage of conflicting opinions online, as some argued that he was lacking in the parenting department by giving into his child's whims, while others commended him for being an understanding parent.

What seemed to have given the clip a whole new angle was a controversial tweet by one particular Twitter user:

Several users were quick to point out flaws with the user's caption as they supported the dad's pleas, which soon escalated into a full-blown debate. However, most of the replies saw the TikTok video as an example of good parenting:

Irrespective of the controversy surrounding the clip, there is no doubt that this TikTok dad's approach towards making an attempt to genuinely understand the essence of video games, is something which the current generation would be immensely grateful for.

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