Twitter users exclaim that Neekolul doesn't deserve to be associated with 100 Thieves  

Twitter users are labelling Neekolul 'unworthy' of being a part of 100 Thieves.
Twitter users are labelling Neekolul 'unworthy' of being a part of 100 Thieves.

Neekolul, officially known as the 'OK Boomer' girl, is a popular Twitch streamer who was recently signed by Lifestyle and Gaming organization' 100 Thieves'.

Her claim to fame stemmed from her viral Tik Tok video where she could be spotted dancing and wearing a Bernie Sanders T-shirt.

Since then, her popularity grew immensely, which resulted in her signing exclusively as a content creator for 100 Thieves in July this year:

She currently has 232K subscribers on Twitch and can often be found streaming games such as League of Legends and Fall Guys in both Spanish and English. However, there appears to be a section of the online community who aren't exactly a fan of her, as they believe that gaming organizations shouldn't be signing Tik Tok stars.

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Twitter Vs Neekolul

Neekolul is a 23-year-old streamer from Mexico, and recently made the transition to full-time streaming.

While her proclivity towards portraying the cute e-girl persona has won her several fans, there still exists a skeptical section who doubt her expertise as a content creator.

Recently, Neekolul posted another Tik Tik dance video, where she can be spotted wearing an anime-inspired attire:

While this was in-tune with the persona that she has cultivated throughout her career, some Twitter users expressed disapproval and called out 100 Thieves for signing her:

While there is bound to be a sense of scorn when it comes to Esports organizations signing Tik Tok stars, Neekolul still manages to command a stellar fan following, that was quick to defend the 23-year-old streamer:

Irrespective of her fair share of criticism, which often goes hand in hand with fame, several believe that Neekolul has earned her place in 100 Thieves, purely in terms of being an entertaining content creator.

There continues to exist a very thin line between what constitutes wholesome content. It appears that 100 Thieves exclusively signing a Tik Tok star has incensed a section of the online community.

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