Upcoming beat'em up Sifu is not available on the PlayStation in its early-access window

Sifu's early access has been disrupted on the PlayStation (Image via Sloclap)
Sifu's early access has been disrupted on the PlayStation (Image via Sloclap)

Sifu has been one of the most eagerly awaited games in 2022, and February 6 was supposed to be a special day for the game.

Sifu is scheduled for release on February 8 worldwide and is already available on pre-orders. The game is an upcoming beat'em up that focuses on the exquisite martial attacking skills of the player. Sifu is being made and developed by Sloclap and can be enjoyed by both PlayStation and PC users.


The game is available for pre-order in the standard and digital deluxe edition. The latter is priced higher but comes with several goodies, including a 48-hour early access window. But much to the disappointment of the fans, there has been a problem with accessing the early access window.

Sifu fails to become available despite its early access

While the standard edition owners will have to wait until February 8, the digital deluxe had a bonus window. Anyone who purchased the digital deluxe edition can enjoy an extra early access window of 48 hours. In this window, players will enjoy the complete game, and it's a way of the developers thanking the fans for buying the pricier edition.

Owners of the digital deluxe edition should have access to the early access period by now. But the problem started in the PlayStation store as fans reported their inability to download the game. One user even noted how the timer for the download window came to 0 and then again reset back to two weeks, much to the fan's dismay.

But thankfully for the fans, the official developers have acknowledged the issue. They have already announced on their official Twitter handle that they're aware of the situation. The cause of the problem has not been stated. However, developers Sloclap have also reported working with PlayStation to resolve the issue.

"We're looking into it with PlayStation to fix it asap, and will update you on the situation very soon!"

While it's natural that fans are supposed to be disappointed, this hasn't been the first such case. The timers on the stores all work on an automated system. There can sometimes be a problem with the values. As mentioned before, it's not clear what the exact problem is. But fans should be pleased to know that the problem is being solved.

The 48-hour early access window is arguably the main reason why players have invested the additional $10. While it's unexpected that Sloclap will push back the expected release time, fans could be compensated differently to make up for the mess.