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Valheim cheats: How to enable cheats and spawn any item or monster in Valheim

(Image via Iron Gate AB)
(Image via Iron Gate AB)
Modified 18 Feb 2021

Console commands and cheats in Valheim can come in extremely handy when trying to get a better grip on the Viking-themed survival sandbox game.

Players can use console commands and cheats in Valheim to execute various in-game actions. These actions can range from players attaining God mode to spawning unlimited resources to crafting whatever they want. However, it is extremely important for players to note that cheats can only be accessed in single-player worlds and not on multiplayer servers.

Before getting started with the cheats, the player needs to ensure that the cheats feature is turned on. Typing "imacheater" in Valheim's console will activate cheats for the respective single-player world.

However, before getting into the list of cheats and console commands, players are advised to use cheats at their own risk. Abusing cheats to spawn huge amounts of resources can cause possible bugs and glitches, which can further lead to the entire game crashing.

Cheats and Console Commands in Valheim


Players can spawn any amount of resources in Valheim via cheats. The code that players need to input to spawn resources is:

  • spawn (item name) (quantity of resource); Example: spawn Fine Wood 25

Players can find the entire list of spawnable resources made by redittor/Demogrim here. Some of the most popular items and resources that players spawn via cheats include:

  • Silver
  • Coins
  • AxeFlint
  • SwordBlackmetal
  • Amber
  • BlackMetalScrap
  • ElderBark
  • TankardOdin

Aside from spawning items in Valheim, players can also use a bunch of console commands and cheat codes to receive in-game advantages. A list of all console commands and cheat codes available to players in Valheim includes:

  • god – Activates God Mode.
  • pos – Prints the player's current position.
  • goto [x,z] – Teleports the player to the coordinates being input.
  • killall – Automatically eliminates all nearby enemies.
  • tame – Automatically tames all nearby animals which can tamed.
  • exploremap – Explores the entire map of Valheim.
  • resetmap – Resets the entire map exploration.
  • location – Spawns the player at the mentioned location.
  • freefly – Freefly Mode for photography.
  • ffsmooth – Freefly smoothness.
  • event [name] – Starts the respective event.
  • stopevent – Stops the current event.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raises the skill level (Example: raiseskill jump 50).
  • resetcharacter – Resets the entire character data.
  • dpsdebug – Toggles dps debug print.
  • save – Force saves the current world.
  • removedrops – Removes all item-drops in current area.
  • resetwind – Resets the wind in the respective world.
  • players [nr] – Forces difficulty level (0 = Reset).
  • spawn [item] [quantity] - Spawns the specified item.
  • debugmode - Enables Creative Mode

These are all the cheat and console commands available for players to use in Valheim.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 18:49 IST
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