Valorant Act 2 bug problems: Killjoy turret wallhack and chat service issues

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Abhishek Mallick

Ever since the release of Valorant’s Act 2 on 4th August, Riot Game’s shooter has seen a lot of bugs. And the creeping issues with the chat service is perhaps one of the most annoying ones in Valorant right now.

However, the problem is not just restricted to the shooter alone. Riot’s other IP, League of Legends, is suffering from the same malady, and players are reporting that the friend list is not functioning correctly.

Riot seems to be aware of the problems that the chat service has been facing in both the games. Joe Ziegler, the game director of Valorant, even addressed the issue in a Twitter post.

The devs team seems to be currently trying to fix the issue, and Ziegler said: "There seems to be some issue with chat services (and the social panel, parties etc.) in VALORANT and LoL that we're looking into currently. Apologies for the interruptions."

Killjoy's turret wallhack in Valorant

Another game-breaking bug that the game is facing is the Killjoy turret exploit. Apparently, the Agent's turret ability comes with wallhack capabilities, and players have been abusing it the most on Split.

In reply to Ziegler's tweet, a player asked the devs to fix the issues that Killjoy's turret has been creating in the game. By this, the player refers to the exploits that the Agent's mains have been abusing in Split's B haven.


By placing the turret in a particular way, the bot literally passes through the floor and lands below the B haven. And as the turret is capable of detecting and shooting enemies through the wall, it creates incredible crossfire potential, without any counterplay.


Another overpowered exploit is in Ascent, where the turret provides Killjoy with a sleek enemy detection ability, which means that it can easily spot opponents camping and hiding in the mid ramps area near A site.

These bugs are currently making Killjoy incredibly overpowered in Valorant, and are harming the competitive integrity of the game. It’s one of the reasons why she was disabled in the recent Ignition Series tournaments.

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