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Valorant: Ascent map guide and callouts

Image Courtesy: Riot Games
Image Courtesy: Riot Games
Modified 10 Jun 2020

Much of the success in tactical, first-person shooters come from teamwork and how successfully you’re able to communicate with the rest of the players. 

Calling out enemy locations and points of interest in a map is crucial when it comes to getting better at the game, and this fact is especially true for an IP like Valorant.

So, if you and your squad are having problems winning rounds in the map Ascent, then we have just the perfect callout guide to help you out. 

All Ascent Callouts

Ascent: Map Overview.

In terms of gameplay, Ascent has a lot in common with Haven, in the sense that there are a variety of ways in which the plant sites can be attacked. 

But with that being said, Ascent is not as punishing as Haven is if the attacking or defending team wants to overcommit in securing a particular side of the map. Unlike Haven, Ascent has a large open courtyard in the middle. And much of the gameplay in the map will revolve around both the teams trying to secure this particular area.

Whichever team has control over mid will have priority access to both the plant sides. And this is precisely what makes Ascent one of the more balanced maps at the moment. 

Ascent: Strategies


Defense: Priority Agents

Jett is great at defending the B site.

1. Cypher

While defending in Ascent, Cypher (when played right) can be a one-man fortress who can single-handedly block off enemy advances in a plant site. However, he is especially lethal in A-site, where there are a lot of crates and boxes which can allow him to create choke points to trap the enemy team with cages and Trip Wires.

 2. Breach

Breach is just amazing at taking control of the mid courtyard in Ascent. As the Mid Cubby and the A-Link sit very close to A-Main, securing Mid-link along with the Mid-Courtyard can be made very easy by Breach and one aggressive duelist. 

Breach comes with an arsenal of short and long-range crowd control which can be quite effectively utilized in Ascent.

3. Jett

Duelists aren’t exactly known for their defensive skills, but in Ascent, Jett is perhaps the only duelist in the game who can stave off enemy advances from the B-plant site. 

Jett’s inherent mobility and cloud smoke (which was buffed in the recent patches) allows her to stall the enemy long enough for her teammates to rotate. 

There are a lot of portholes and elevated areas around the site that Jett can use to her advantage to get some quick and easy frags early on.

Offense: Priority Agents

Phoenix is amazing at attacking in Ascent.

1. Brimstone


When it comes to securing the Mid-Courtyard, the attacking team is always going to be at a disadvantage if there are not enough vision-obscuring abilities in the squad. And this is precisely why Brimstone is so very effective when it comes to pushing into the Mid-Cubby early on in the round. 

His Sky Smoke can create opportunities for his team to aggressively push into sites and even get a fast plant-off. 

2. Omen

Omen works a lot like Brimstone when it comes to obscuring the vision of the enemy team and canceling out much of the advantages that they can have. He can also teleport to elevated crates and columns and gain knowledge of enemy positions. This, in turn, can help his teammates push.

3. Phoenix

Phoenix outshines every other duelist when attacking in Ascent. As the map is littered with a number of 90-degree angles, his Curveball will allow his team to get a jump on the opponent and clear out a site in a matter of seconds. 

He can be paired rather well with Brimstone because, in a map like Ascent, their abilities synergize incredibly well together.

Published 10 Jun 2020, 17:30 IST
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