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Valorant: ‘Ego’ weapon cosmetics leaked for patch 1.08

New Ego weapon cosmetics (Image Credits: Valorant Leaks)
New Ego weapon cosmetics (Image Credits: Valorant Leaks)
Modified 15 Sep 2020, 20:51 IST

Data leaks before every single patch have become a tradition for the Valorant community, and championing these rites and rituals are our friendly-neighborhood data miners. 

Valorant Leaks and floxay have been datamining the Valorant game files before every patch and revealing information like new cosmetic sets and game modes, which may be arriving in the upcoming patches.

This time around, they both have datamined the existence of a new weapon cosmetic set called the ‘Ego’ (the name is subject to change), which may be arriving in the upcoming patch of 1.08.

Valorant Leaks took to Twitter yesterday to talk about the upcoming line, which the miner calls ‘Ego’, and it seems to be based on the golden chroma and aesthetic.

Skin line ‘Ego’ might be coming in Valorant patch 1.08

With the new Valorant patch all set to be released in a few days' time (probably tomorrow or the day after), the news about the new ‘Ego’ skin line couldn't have come at a more opportune moment.

No matter how much you criticize Riot Games about some of their practices in Valorant, one thing is definitely certain: their cosmetic development team is incredibly imaginative. When it comes to design and creativity, most of the Valorant skins are just incredible, to say the least, and the new ‘Ego’ line looks to be headed that way as well.

Valorant Leaks tweeted about the new ‘Ego’ line and talked about its golden aesthetic. According to the data miner, the new cosmetics will be coming for the Guardian, Stinger, Ghost, Vandal and the Melee Weapon.

However, Valorant Leaks is not certain that the new skins will be called Ego and said as much in a follow-up tweet.


This skin line will certainly be coming in the future patches, and the chances of it arriving in 1.08 are quite high.

Data miner floxay had also tweeted about the upcoming cosmetic and showed a picture of the Ego Knife, which has the Japanese kanji for ‘warrior’ inscribed on it.

Much like the Oni line, the ‘Ego’ can also have a cosmetic aesthetic steeped in Japanese folklore.

Published 15 Sep 2020, 14:45 IST
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