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Valorant: Everything you need to know about the all-chat system

Valorant Chat settings page (uploaded by Di-Tech)Pic courtesy: Riot Games
Modified 17 May 2020

Every online multiplayer game has a distinct in-game chat system that will let you communicate with not just your team, but your opponents as well. The ‘all-chat’ or ‘global chat’ system in every IP functions a little bit differently. So, if you’re just starting out on Riot’s new tactical first-person shooter Valorant, then the chances are that you’re a bit confused as to how the in-game messages work. 

Talking smack, and knowing ways to make the enemy int with your words, are all part and parcel of the competitive multiplayer experience. So, if you’re one of those who loves to spam ‘GG EZ’ at the beginning or after winning a game, here is everything you need to know about the all-chat system in Valorant.

How to activate all-chat in Valorant?

Just like in Riot’s other IP League of Legends, to access all-chat in Valorant, all you have to do is click Shift-Enter to directly go into the all-chat box.

Another alternative would be to just press Enter, which opens the dialog box for your teammates alone to see, and then type ‘/all’ before typing a message to turn the private chat into a global one. 

How to differentiate between chats?

Differentiating between chats

You can tell each type of chat apart by just seeing the brackets which come before the message. 

If it’s a chat that is just meant for your team, then there will be the word ‘(Team)’ written before the message. A global chat, on the other hand, will have the prefix ‘(All’).

Apart from the Team chat and All chat, there is another type of message which is called Broadcast, which too will come with the suffix; ‘(Broadcast)’. These Broadcast messages are the auto-generated messages inside the game, which give players a variety of useful information. This information includes ‘player gun requests’, and what guns your teammates have bought that round.

Published 17 May 2020, 13:26 IST
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