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Valorant: Fixing the ‘sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable’ issue

  • The 'sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable’ issue has grown to be a very annoying problem in Valorant.
  • It seems that the Riot servers have been facing problems recently. But if the fault is on your end, we have a solution.
Modified 01 Jul 2020, 11:17 IST
Image Courtesy: Riot Games
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

It feels rather frustrating when you want to end a stressful day by relaxing with your favorite game and find the game servers to be unavailable. And it would seem that in the past 12-hours, Riot Games’ Valorant has been the source of a lot of annoyance for fans. 

Valorant's login server issue

Most, if not all of the player base were hit with the ‘sorry, the login servers are temporarily unavailable’ error code when they tried to log into the servers.

And since so many players are receiving the error, it’s quite evident that the problem is from Riot’s end. Either their servers are down or they are witnessing an unprecedented amount of player login requests - clearly more than what their servers can handle.

A staggering number of reported issues
A staggering number of reported issues

The above graph from shows a staggering amount of reported problems from players and it would seem that the servers were experiencing major issues from 5.30 AM IST (5.00 PM PDT).

So if you’re facing the error code, then it’s better you wait it out till Riot fixes the server issues.

However, with that being said, the error can be a fault from your side as well. So before you jump to any conclusions and draft up your list of grievances in a tweet for the Valorant devs, try some of the following steps:


1. Restarting the Client and your Router

The server being unavailable error is often characterized by ‘error code 7’. And error code 7 usually occurs when the Riot servers are down, or you’re having connectivity issues from your end.

Hence, if you’re getting the error code, exit the game, restart your internet router, and then try logging into the game once again. A majority of the time, this step more or less fixes the issue. 

2. Restart your system

The Valorant anti-cheat Vanguard not being able to boot up properly with your system can be another cause for the error. So restarting your PC along with your router might just do the trick.

3. Filing a support ticket

The Valorant support team is very helpful and does reply to complaints and requests as soon as humanly possible.

So if all of the above steps fail, then we recommend that you visit the service portal for Valorant and file a ticket with their support team. 

Published 01 Jul 2020, 11:17 IST
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