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Valorant: How to abuse Viper’s game-breaking ‘Toxic Screen’ exploit on Bind

Viper Exploit on Bind in Valorant (Image Credits: GottaBlast)
Viper Exploit on Bind in Valorant (Image Credits: GottaBlast)
Modified 05 Sep 2020, 13:28 IST

After the several Omen bugs and exploits that plagued the Valorant servers over the last couple of days, it looks like it’s now time for Viper to break the game.

Valorant patch 1.07 was big and brought a plethora of balance changes. However, nerfs and buffs were not the only thing that the update brought to Valorant. Bugs were free with the patch and starting with the Omen exploits on Bind (which is now hot fixed), we arrive at yet another game-breaking Viper exploit on Bind.

Viper received a lot of buffs in the last couple of patches, and the once least-picked Agent is getting more playtime and might even make a regular appearance on Valorant’s professional stage.

For now, however, she has become a must-pick on Bind as there is a certain exploit in the map which allows the player controlling her to put up a Toxic Screen in such a way that it engulfs the entire map.

So, before Riot comes and patches this Viper exploit out, let’s see how you can abuse them in your Competitive matches.

Abusing the Viper ‘Toxic Screen’ exploit

The Viper exploits with the Toxic Screen can be used mostly in the defender side of Bind. However, that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use it when attacking as the exploit can be incredibly potent when defending A site post-plant.

To set up the global ‘Toxic Screen’, you will need to sit outside of Showers in A-main and aim the toxic screen towards the teleporter.


And though the minimap will tell you that the ability comes to a halt at the teleporter, it actually doesn’t. The wall will go through it and come out on the other side and restart the length once again.

This ability gives Viper an incredible amount of Agency and map control, and she will be able to dictate much of the aggression that the attackers can throw towards her.

Viper's Toxic Screen exploit reaches till B-main and B-long in Valorant (Image Credits: GottaBlast)

Moreover, as the screen extends till B long, Viper will also be able to assist players in B while sitting at A herself. 

It’s also beneficial for Agent Phoenix, who can use the cover of the screen to maximise the effectiveness of his Curve Ball.

Published 05 Sep 2020, 13:28 IST
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