Valorant: How to fix your in-game FPS drop? 

Valorant seems to be having a lot of FPS issues after patch 0.47 and 0.49
Valorant seems to be having a lot of FPS issues after patch 0.47 and 0.49

The Valorant closed beta has been out for about a month now, and as problems with closed betas go, this game has a lot of them.

Apart from having ‘infinite loading screen’ bugs to long server down times, Valorant seems to be experiencing a lot of in-game FPS drop issues as well. A majority of these FPS issues started arising right after patch 0.47 and 0.49, especially when shooting bullet holes and using Sage’s abilities.

Though Riot has been working constantly to fix the problem, many of the player bases are still going to suffer from FPS drop till the devs come up with a proper solution.

And if you’re one of the unlucky few, then here are some easy to follow tips that will sort the issue right away.

Tackling Valorant's FPS drop issue

#1. Installing the newest NVIDIA/ AMD Graphics card drivers

This point is rather universal, and not restricted to Valorant alone. Whenever there is a new, big game on the block, both NVIDIA and AMD provide new graphics updates and patches so that the game can run smoothly on your system.

However, though new drivers are yet to arrive for Valorant, it’s still important to keep them updated to the latest versions, as this seems to solve a majority of the FPS problems for the game. 

#2. Change the dedicated graphics settings for both NVIDIA and AMD

Accessing the NVIDIA settings
Accessing the NVIDIA settings

This step is more like fine-tuning your machine than anything else.

Sure, you can use the default settings of your graphics card which comes out of the box, but if you’re having major performance issues, then it’s best to go to the NVIDIA and AMD settings and make some fine tweaks as to how your graphics card will behave.

#3. Lowering the In-game visual settings

 Another amazing way of tackling the in-game FPS drop is to lower the visual settings of Valorant. However, try not to compromise on the visual precision of the game, as Valorant is rather competitive, and you must balance the trade-off and have the best of both performance and graphics.

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