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Valorant Map Callouts - Your guide to making flawless Valorant Callouts

Image Credits: Shutdown.GG
Image Credits: Shutdown.GG
Modified 08 May 2020, 22:56 IST

In tactical games like Valorant, making precise callouts is paramount. They could essentially be the factor that decides whether your team wins or loses a game. 

A few parameters for a good communicator generally include being clear with your sentences, knowing when to speak (not talking over your teammates) and understanding the commonly used jargon. 

The attributes as mentioned above, make you a good communicator. But to make sure they are useful, you need to be thoroughly familiar with the map. This is something that can be done by hopping into practice modes or merely playing a few games to get acquainted with the terrain.

Valorant callouts revolve around its present maps: Haven, Split and Blind. The more specific you are with your Valorant map callouts, the higher your chances would be of winning a game in Valorant.

Here is a layout of all the maps in Valorant along with their specific callouts.

Image Credit: u/iDakatsu Valorant
Image Credit: u/iDakatsu Valorant

A useful way to learn callouts in Valorant is by observing when players communicate with each other. This is by far is the quickest way to familiarise yourself with the Valorant map and other callouts during the game.

In any tactical game like Valorant that requires teamwork, you need to communicate clearly to ensure your team is headed in the right direction.

How to improve your Valorant callouts?


Here are a few general tips to help you improve your callouts in Valorant and other similar games:

Speak Clearly 

Do not fumble with your words. 

Think before you speak. Take your time to observe the situation around you before you make a callout. Ensure you have a good quality microphone, and it is not too close or far away from your mouth. 

Learn the Jargons

Every game has specific terms that explain the situation without having to speak much. You can get the hang of these by regularly playing the game and experimenting with its jargon. Here are a few standard terms gamers use where teamwork is involved:


When you hear a teammate say the word 'PUSH' it usually means they want you to charge towards the enemy. This could be due to one of many reasons, maybe your opponent is weak, or they have been cornered. 


Imagine there are three points in a map: A, B and C.

Your opponents are all at B, and you hear your teammate say, "Pinch them."

In this particular scenario, it means your team wants to essentially trap the opponents at B. This could be done by splitting in half. One team holds the opponents at A while the other goes to C, and then the entire team 'pinches' them in the middle, i.e., at B.


You can use this callout when you have dealt 'damage' to your opponents to let your team know that the opponent is weak, hence the term 'Tagged.'


It is as simple as it sounds. The idea is to split your team into two.



This suggests movement around the map. Your teammate could ask you to 'Rotate to B,' which means he/she wants you to go to B. Rotation callouts could get complicated, though.

For instance, Instead of asking for a simple point A to point B rotation, the team could ask you to "Rotate to B via XYZ building." What this suggests is that the other 'rotation point' could have enemies waiting to get you and hence the specific callout.


When someone says, "I am chasing him," it implies one of two things. Either your opponent in question has been tagged and is weak, or it could be that it is your only option or the most feasible one then. There is also a chance that it's your team who is being chased.

If you hear a teammate callout about him/her being chased and heading towards you, it's time to gear up and get ready to battle. It would be ideal for getting into a good position before your teammate comes near you. This way, there is a better chance of you saving both yourself and the teammate in question.


It could be as simple as your teammate dropping a gun on the floor at a visible spot to bait the enemy before going into their zone. The idea here is to understand how you need to react to it.

For instance, your teammate says he/she is going to 'Bait' the enemy team towards a specific spot. It generally implies he/she wants the rest of the team to pinch the other team after they have taken the 'bait' or complete the team objective while the teammate in question 'baits.'

Valorant is still in beta mode. As the game continues to evolve, so would the Valorant map callouts.

Stay tuned with SportsKeeda for more guides and tips like these.

Published 08 May 2020, 22:56 IST
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