Valorant Minimap: A guide to perfecting your in-game map settings

The minimap is an incredibly useful tool in competitive games
The minimap is an incredibly useful tool in competitive games
Abhishek Mallick

We can’t begin to tell you how important a minimap is when it comes to competitive games that revolve around the genres of FPS, RTS, MMO, etc.

Not only do these little indicators (on the corner of your screen) show you the complete map layout, but they also give you some idea regarding the enemy's position, allowing you to change your strategies accordingly.

In Riot Games’ latest tactical first-person shooter Valorant, the minimap is vital when either attacking or defending in a map. Bullet sounds (unless it's suppressed silencer fire) and spotted enemies are clearly indicated on the mini-map, and you can get a very accurate read on the situation that your team is in during that round.

Image Courtesy: Polygon
Image Courtesy: Polygon

However, apart from the enemy indications, the minimap in Valorant helps players out with one other thing. As it’s a shooter that revolves around Agents with abilities, the minimap allows certain agents like Breach, Sova and Viper to line up their CC as some of their abilities can be hit across the map.

So, your minimap settings in Valorant will have to be set in such a way that it allows you to get the advantage in the game.

Recommended minimap settings in Valorant

Although you can set the minimap settings in Valorant any way that you want, we would still recommend that you follow the image below as much as possible.

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1. Rotations

We suggest that you set the Valorant minimap to ‘rotate’ as it makes it much easier to figure out the enemy location based on which direction you’re facing. Along with this, it’s also best to keep the ‘player-centred’ option on as a static map will just throw you off. If the map moves along with your movement, you will have a much easier time keeping track of the things that are happening around you.

2. Zoom

When it comes to the size and zoom of the minimap, don’t try to zoom in too much. It’s important to be able to see the entirety of the map or at least 70% while you’re in the game.

It will help you to track enemy positions better.

3. Visual Cone

Taken from
Taken from

You can switch 'on' the visual cone if you want as it neither creates visual clutter nor blocks out useful information.

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