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Valorant patch 1.10: “Players queuing for Unrated will get put on Icebox more often”

Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games
Modified 13 Oct 2020, 21:38 IST

When it comes to both Competitive and Unrated game modes in Valorant, players are not exactly allowed to select their map of choice.

The maps you get queued into are selected at random, and if you get the same map over and over again, then all you can do is blame your luck on the roulette.

However, every time there is a new Valorant map release, Riot makes it a point that the players get to have as much game time on the map as possible. Learning every nook and cranny of a new map, along with the callouts, is important when it comes to low-TTK tactical shooters, and Valorant is no different.

This tradition was followed by Riot Games during Ascent's introduction to the live servers, during Valorant’s official launch in June, and they are all set to continue it with the release of Icebox as well.

Valorant’s Unrated matchmaking will put players onto Icebox more often

Valorant patch 1.10 is finally out and it has brought Act 3 along with it, as well as the new map Icebox.

We have previously discussed how unique Icebox is as a map, when compared to the other four in Valorant. Not only is it going to be a nightmare to play in for Defenders, but the plethora of angles, entry points, and corners are going to help balance much of the oppressiveness that the Operator brings to the table.

In a tweet, Riot Games tell us that “early in the patch, players queuing up for unrated will get put on Icebox more often.”

So for the next few weeks, you will be dropping onto Icebox in your unrated games a lot, and it’s quite important to use this time to learn the general layout of the map.


New Valorant Battle Pass skins

Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games

Valorant patch 1.10 did bring a lot of quality of life changes when it comes to Battle Pass progressions. Moreover, a lot of premium weapon cosmetics and gun buddies will be up for grabs too, making it one of the best Battle Passes yet in Valorant.

Published 13 Oct 2020, 21:38 IST
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