Valorant players report that Singularity Phantom equip animation stretches longer than other skins

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Satyaki Das

Every game has a player base, which fancies the cosmetical designs of the weapons.

People pay much attention to the new gun designs that have been introduced by Riot Games in Valorant. They're not pay-to-win, i.e., these designs are just for the sake of attraction and are not meant to give one advantage over the opponents.

However, Valorant players have reported that they feel the Singularity skin of the gun Phantom released in October takes longer to equip than other skins. This error might prove to cause harm during intense gunfights in the game as players often switch between weapons.

Reddit user Asomboy4 said:

"Although you can shoot prior to the animation finishing, it's still confusing in the heat of battle."

A video of the same has been provided by the user, comparing the Singularity Phantom with the Ion Phantom.

To which, Riot dev Preeti responded that even if it's true that the animation is indeed longer than the others, it is purely unintentional. Riot Games would never want to make things easier for people who pay in Valorant. In fact, she said:

"We test extensively for this, but sometimes we will screw it up. Not saying we did here YET."

The Singularity skin animates differently than other skins in Valorant

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

It has not been proved yet if the Singularity skin in Valorant is indeed slower in animation than others, and would be investigated soon.

However, if it is the same as the other skins, a possible reason for such confusion would be because the Singularity skin's animation is totally different, be it for Phantom or any other weapon.

Even if the gun is fired, the animation makes it look like no bullets were fired at all, creating the confusion. Developer oniram177 stated the following referring to the previous video:

"The black hole appearing is the position of the gun where it's fired first, but the animation pop is so fierce that it moves the gun, basically one frame after it fires."

Riot Games will need time to further investigate this, and thus, if any changes are required, it would not reflect on the patch 1.13 releasing tomorrow.

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