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Valorant pro Tayhuhu receives Twitch ban after her child interacts with chat

Image via INTZ Tayhuhu)
Image via INTZ Tayhuhu)
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 17:14 IST

Taynah "Tayhuhu" Yukimi, a Valorant pro, received an indefinite Twitch ban after her child interacted with the chat.

The suspension, meted out because she apparently violated Twitch's streaming regulations disallowing anyone below 13 to stream on their platform, was later lifted. But a discussion around bans on Twitch has exploded, as a result.

Controversy has been plentiful after Tayhuhu found herself banned on the Amazon-owned platform for a ridiculous reason. As she left her stream to make food and take a quick break, her child stayed behind and looked at the Twitch chat. She saw Tayhuhu's chat typing to her and interacted with them without her mother being present in the room alongside her.

The incident led to a relatively swift indefinite ban for Tayhuhu at the time on Twitch. She technically did break the rules, hence the punishment. What sets this apart, though, is that other streamers who committed far worse offenses received only three days for a ban.

Tayhuhu and the unfair bans on Twitch

After receiving the ban, she sent out several tweets detailing how upset she was with the decision and its hypocrisy.

The tweets had to be translated and were displayed on Esports Talk, but Tayhuhu spoke a lot about how the ban would affect her. She claimed that she had been at just about 300 average viewers per broadcast and was finally making a living off that platform. That living was potentially being taken away with a ridiculous suspension.


She pointed out that another streamer, MissBehavin, was recently banned for essentially being naked on stream and intentionally showing it off on camera. After three days, her ban was lifted, while Tayhuhu stared at a permanent ban for her child talking to the stream.

For a while, a problem has pervaded the Twitch community, where streamers appear to receive bans based on quick thinking. These suspensions are given out with an act now and think later mentality. It seems to be what happened in Tayhuhu's case as well.


The story quickly gained steam when compared to MissBehavin, and influencers of all kinds rallied behind Tayhuhu to get her unbanned. All the backlash has apparently worked. As of now, Tayhuhu, who plays for an all-female Valorant team under the name INTZ, is unbanned and has already streamed to let everyone know the situation.

This likely won't be the end of the story. Streamers continue to question Twitch more as the organization continues to display hypocrisy in its decisions.

Published 22 Dec 2020, 14:44 IST
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