Valorant Ranked Mode - From Iron to VALORANT: The Grind begins

  • Valorant ranks are now live and in-game, here is everything you need to now about the new 'Ranks' system
  • Everything from types of rank, and how to reach them. We have them all covered!
Modified 01 May 2020, 20:57 IST

Valorant Ranks are now live.
Valorant Ranks are now live.

Valorank Ranks are probably the second most sought after item, right after the beta access keys in the Valorant game.

Earlier, Riot Games announced that there would a ranking system in Valorant. The feature has now finally made its way into the game. 

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Here is how you can begin your grind for Valorant ranks

Valorant Ranks
Valorant Ranks

In order to achieve any rank at all in Valorant, players are required to unlock 'Competitive Mode' in-game. This can be done by completing twenty unrated matches. 

There are a total of eight ranks that players can unlock as they progress in the game. They are as follows:

8) Iron 

7) Bronze 


5) Gold, 


4) Platinum,

 3) Diamond

2) Immortal, 

1) Valorant.

Each rank in the list is into three separate tiers, with the exception of 'Valorant' Rank, which is for the best players from around the world.

It is without a doubt, victories play an important factor in deciding how quickly a player ranks up. However, unlike most games, every individual player or team's performance in Valorant are also paramount in deciding who scores how much in order to go up the ranks.

If a player's team gets taken out easily during matches, their rank will drop quickly. As already mentioned earlier, the team's overall performance is a deciding factor when it comes to ranking in Valorant.

Teams who give it their all and still lose are incentivised and may not drop Valorant ranks as quickly as the others do.

Players can drop into competitive matches as teams of five or hit the grind all by themselves, the choice is their's. The competitive games require players to be within two ranks, or six tiers, of their teammates in order to queue up for games.

Valorant Ranks will not carry forward in the Official release


While all of this may sound exciting, be advised, the stats that are generated during Valorant beta gameplay will not be carried forward into the actual game upon release. 

This also means that a player's or team's Valorant Ranks would be reset once the game's official release will be out this summer. Also, developers may turn on 'Valorant ranks' at any given moment for various reasons, including bug fix in the system, maintenance and more.

You can find Valorant's latest Patch note v0.49 here.

Published 01 May 2020, 20:57 IST
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