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Valorant: Riot Games absolve Mika Daime of all cheating charges made by Wardell and Player1

Riot absolves Mika Daime of all cheating charges.
Riot absolves Mika Daime of all cheating charges.
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 17:07 IST

If you weren't keeping up all that much with the Valorant and steaming community of late, then you might have probably missed out on a bit of controversy that has been the talk of the esports neighborhood at the moment.

Yesterday, TSM pro-Matt "Wardell" Yu and Gen. G's professional Valorant player Keven "Player 1" Champagne accused streamer Mika Daime of using aimbot in one of her streams.

Mika defended the particular clip in question by saying that it was an input lag that made it look like an aimbot flick on the Cypher.

Both Player1 and Wardell, in their reactions, went to town on her, calling her a cheater, but Riot Games soon came to her rescue.

Valorant devs absolve Mika Daime of all accusations

Screengrab from Reddit
Screengrab from Reddit

There is a general trend among the esports community, where if pro players call another player or streamer a hacker, then the rest of the community takes it as the truth, and nothing but the truth.

So when Mika Daime put out heartfelt pleas in her defense, it kind of fell on deaf ears. It was not until Riot Games came along and cleaned up after the two Valorant professionals that Mika finally got some justice.

In a Reddit post by ilumn1, which reads "Well-known Filipino streamer got accused of cheating by Wardell and Player1, Riot Games commented on the whole Mika vs. Wardell and Player1 situation by saying that, "Normally, we don't want to add to the publicity of any individual case, but because this one's getting a little out of hand: Mika is innocent. We've completed a thorough investigation of Mika's gameplay, and while the clips might be suspicious individually, we're confident that cheating software was not utilized for the accused sessions. Keep the reports coming, but leave the sentencing to us. !pin"

Just because Wardell and Player1 are professional Valorant players, it doesn't give them the right to pass judgments like this on any player, especially on an online platform.

They did jump the gun on their accusations, and Mika did have to face a significant amount of backlash from the Valorant community because of this.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 17:00 IST
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