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Valorant: Riot is working on a fix for the annoying minimap ‘cone glitch’

Minimap 'cone glitch' will be getting a fix in Valorant patch 1.09 (image credits: ONE Esports)
Modified 29 Sep 2020, 13:30 IST

Valorant’s minimap comes with its own problems, and one of its most annoying issues is the ‘cone glitch’.

While not everyone is facing the ‘cone glitch’ problem in their games, but for those who are, it is indeed a big headache. 

Showing vision cones in the Valorant minimap and getting to know the angles that your teammates are holding play a big part when it comes to gameplay synergy between players.

The cone glitch, however, was making it look like your teammates were holding angles when they were actually not, and that creates a lot of communication problems between players.

Fortunately, Riot is all set to fix the ‘cone glitch’ problems in Valorant as they will be putting out a hotfix for the issue in patch 1.09.

Riot is aware of the Valorant ‘cone glitch’ issue

the minimap cone glitch in Valorant (Image credits: sabocano)
the minimap cone glitch in Valorant (Image credits: sabocano)

In a recent Reddit post by ‘sabocano’, the Valorant player talks a lot about the existing issues that the Valorant minimap has been facing.

In the post, the player writes:

“Vision Cones are broken in this game, we need a fix. I've encountered quite a few instances where I see my teammate holding an angle from the minimap and I trust them, but then I get shot by an opponent who my teammate should have seen and killed. I thought I was going crazy. But nope, the vision cones in this game are totally broken. On many angles/corners of all maps, you can find these examples.”

The Reddit user then follows up his statements with some in-game images of the ‘cone glitch’. Looking at the images we can see just how problematic the bug can be for Valorant’s competitive integrity.

The Valorant dev who goes by the Reddit handle of “mochimisu” commented in the thread by saying:

“The vision cones were an old prototype feature that just ended up shipping in the same way as it was made in prototype years ago. Each map has a separate vision cones mesh for perf but the versions of the maps they were authored for are slightly older in some places and out of sync. It was a bit tedious and annoying to do these small updates, so we also made some changes to make these adjustments easier. We're also having QA help us spot issues where they don't match up with sightlines. Thanks for calling this out!”

Riot will soon be shipping out a fix for the minimap issue in the upcoming patch 1.09, which is expected to arrive tomorrow, the 30th of September.

Published 29 Sep 2020, 13:30 IST
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