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Valorant's new Agent, Skye, and the face behind her, Miranda O'Hare

Miranda O
Miranda O'Hare is the face behind Valorant's new Agent, Skye
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Modified 14 Oct 2020, 18:43 IST

Around a week back, Riot Games had announced the latest Agent to be added to Valorant, Skye. She is a heal-based team fight utility Agent with all her skills being either heals or visual impairments.

Her skills include:

  • Regrowth - For this skill, Skye channels for a short duration while healing allies within the area of effect. This ability has a toggle functionality as well.
  • Trailblazer - In this skill, Skye sends forward a Tasmanian tiger which leaps upon enemies to cause them to be concussed. However, the tigers can be killed if fired upon. The animal also gets slowed with each shot.
  • Guiding Light - For her signature ability, Sky summons a hawk that flies forward and explodes, causing enemies to be blinded. Like Trailblazer, the hawk can also be fired upon and destroyed by the enemy before it explodes.
  • Seekers- For her ultimate, Skye calls forward Seekers, which seeks out enemies and nearsights them for a short duration. This ability can be used to seek and nearsight up to three enemies. However, like both her other enemy targeting skills, even the Seekers can be shot at and destroyed before they can do any damage.

Valorant: Miranda O'Hare is the face behind Skye

Australian actress and writer Miranda O'Hare, who started working in television and films in 2008, is the official face of Skye, the newest Agent in Valorant.

The writer completed her undergrad degree in writing from the University of Sydney and continues to write her content.

After being announced as the face of Skye by Riot, Miranda took to Twitter to express own excitement about the new Agent's release.


According to the Epic's official blog, Skye is expected to release in Valorant on 27th October.

Act 3 of Valorant has arrived in-game and brought many new changes, along with the new map, Icebox. It is defined as "an abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness."

With the presence of dense snow covers and ziplines on the map, there's bound to be excitement for players. However, with the introduction of the new map, it remains to be seen if Riot introduces the map-selection option soon.

Published 14 Oct 2020, 18:43 IST
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