Valorant: The new ‘Cyberpunk’ inspired Glitchpop skins are the coolest weapon cosmetics ever

Image Credits: Riot games
Abhishek Mallick

Riot Games is commemorating Valorant's Episode 1 Act 2 debut with some of the flashiest cosmetics in the game, called Glitchpop.

When it comes to the 'Cyberpunk' genre, the possibilities for weapon cosmetics are endless. It now seems like Riot Games have taken skin designing up a notch with their new line, and in our eyes, this neon-drenched, cosmetics are by far the best in the game.

The Oni and the Elderflame line are incredible in their own right, but nothing can truly beat the neon amalgamation of colors that the Glitchpop line will be bringing with it in ACT 2.

Riot Games' take on the Valorant Glitchpop skin


In a recent interview with Inverse, Valorant's Senior weapons artist, Chris Stone, and Concept artist, Sean Bigham talked about how dystopian cyberpunk anime like 'Akira' and 'Ghost in the Shell' was a significant influence for Glitchpop design.

Moreover, he also said that, "There was a huge opportunity to reference the cyberpunk universes and make something that's a little bit more loud, bold, and colorful compared to other skins we were making at the time."

Futuristic, turbulent, glitchy, noisy, dressed in some of the loudest and offensive colors, the Glitchpop skins are what Riot themselves like to call 'mega punk.'

Weapons in the Glitchpop line

1. Bulldog

Image Credits: Riot games
Image Credits: Riot games

In the interview, Bigham said that "Once we problem-solved everything with the Bulldog, it was a lot easier to very quickly iterate and propagate these throughout the rest of the line."

Hence, the Bulldog is the first in the Glitchpop line to get the skin. It comes with 'inlaid copper wire detailing and the actual copper wires breaking throughout,'to go with the bright neon colors and give the weapon a more simple gradient.

2. Odin

Image Credits: Riot games

As the idea behind the 'mega punk' genre is to make it as loud in terms of both visuals and audio, Riot has decided to pick the Odin for the Glitchpop line, as it has one of the loudest bullet-fire sound.


Image Credits: Riot games

The Judge was chosen for the Glitchpop skin, for the same reason as the Odin. It's a "full-auto shotgun, and gives a lot of room for our audio department in FX to work with."

4. Frenzy

Image Credits: Riot games

The Frenzy will also receive a Glitchpop skin, and the preview that we have seen till now, is just incredible.

5. Melee

Image Credits: Riot games

The Glitchpop knife is sleek, clean, vibrant, and comes in three colors of green, pink, and bluish-purple.

According to Stone, "a common gameplay behavior in those games is pressing 1, 3, 1, 3 to switch between your primary weapons and knife pre-round and post-round.", and the developers want to create a skin line which is "born from our love of shooters and looking at how players are engaging with the game."

"Maybe you're playing Killjoy, so you want to have a lime green one, or maybe you're playing Omen, and you want the purple one," Stone says. "It was about how we could tie a skin line as much as possible to what a player does, and not force them to go out of their way to have an interaction with the skin line."

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