Valorant: The Oni weapon collection looks dark, sleek, and outright demonic

Image credits: Reddit
Image credits: Reddit
Abhishek Mallick

Riot took a lot of us by surprise with the new Valorant Oni weapon skin bundle.

Many of the Valorant fans believed that it would at least take the developers some months before they came up with something as creative and unique as the Elderflame skin line collection.

But two weeks later, here we are with another incredible skin bundle in our hand. With patch 1.04, the Valorant client has introduced the Oni skin line. The skin line is not available for purchase at the moment, but can be easily viewed from the collection tab.

The Oni skin bundle will only be available for the Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, Shorty, and the Melee weapon. The cosmetic is inspired by Japanese folklore of the Oni, who was thought to be a kind of yōkai, Ogre, or troll during the feudal times.


Even though the skins look demonic in their own right, the VFX upgrades are capable of taking the aesthetics up a notch. A smoky green glow emanates from the carved face of Ogre, which gives off sudden bursts of light every time the weapon reloads.

Image credit: Forbes Image Credit: Reddit
Image credit: Forbes Image Credit: Reddit

However, the best part of the collection is perhaps the finisher. The final round kill animation is simply amazing, and will immediately remind a 'League of Legends' fan of the Shadow Isles.

The enemy who dies will immediately turn into a spirit with a mask. Chains will come down to bind him/her, while petals float in the air.

The Valorant developers were not the first to tease the new skin bundle to the fans. One of Valorant's's most prolific data miners, floxay, tweeted the leaks some hours before the reveal. Along with the weapons, he found that the collection will also include a spray, a gun buddy, as well as a player card.

The Oni collection is not the only bundle coming to Valorant

Patch 1.04 did not just bring the Oni collection, but also the Sakura skin set, which in terms of themes and aesthetics is the exact opposite of the former.


Sakura sets are all about the calm and serenity, with cherry blossom petals drawn onto the weapon.

However, we don't have much more information on the Sakura set, apart from the fact that Vandal, Classic, Sheriff, Ares, and Stinger will be included in the Valorant set.

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