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Valorant: The Sova Drone bug exploit

The Game Breaking Out of Bounds Sova Drone
The Game Breaking Out of Bounds Sova Drone
Tee Kay
Modified 26 Oct 2020, 17:18 IST

Since the release of Act 3 on Valorant in patch 1.10, the developers at Riot Games have been working hard to fix the bug exploits that have been making the rounds in the community.

After having fixed the Omen Ultimate on Icebox bug, the developers now have two new bugs being exploited in Valorant to deal with. The Killjoy Turret Exploit and the Game Breaking Out of Bounds Sova Drone.

The Sova Drone bug exploit in Valorant

According to Redditor u/Vehementtoast, the present bug can be used on Haven Bind and Ascent while the use of the exploit on Split or Icebox remains unconfirmed.

As can be seen in the clip, to exploit the bug:

  1. The player who has picked Sova as their agent for the game needs to be standing directly next to the wall while lining up their right shoulder to a corner while having the drone equipped.
  2. Next, the player needs to fire/throw the drone into the wall. As weird as it may sound, throwing the drone into the wall allows the drone to look through the walls for enemies.

Riot Games, however, have been quick to follow up on the issues. With a hotfix update already scheduled for this week, one of Riot Games' employees, u/rycoux, responded to the bug exploit video on Reddit.

Reply from u/rycoux
Reply from u/rycoux

According to u/Vehementtoast, the classification of the bug exploit in Valorant is as follows:

"Region: NA"
"Type of Bug: Out of Bounds Sova drones"
"Description: 8 Total Out of Bounds drones found you can see nearly the entire map on all of them and any people spotted will show up on radar and you can tag them with the dart"
"Steps to reproduce: Almost all of the drones involve lining up the right shoulder at the corner and aiming into the wall"
"Reproduction rate: 10/10 if you use a proper lineup"

This isn't the first time for the developers facing a bug exploit like this, especially after the release of Valorant 1.10 patch, which brought the bug exploit of Omen's Ultimate in the newly introduced map Icebox.

Much like Sova's Drone bug, Omen's Ultimate allowed players to teleport inside walls and shoot at enemies while staying hidden inside the walls. However, the Omen bug on Icebox had been fixed by the developers soon after its discovery.

Despite Riot Games' affirmations of a hotfix coming in for the bug exploits, it remains to be seen if Valorant is greeted with more bugs in the coming weeks. The developers look to finetune the game before the first Riot Games sponsored esports tournament for Valorant, First Strike.

Published 26 Oct 2020, 17:18 IST
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