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Video: Bizzare formation in FIFA 18 that is guaranteed to give you loads of goals

627   //    26 Sep 2017, 20:28 IST

Ever tried playing a sole defender at the back in FIFA? The thought of a single defender might seem absurd but it sure increases the probability of you scoring a goal. The formation has a single player playing in defence and often a 4-5 or a 5-4 in the midfield and attacking positions respectively.

This weird formation was discovered by FIFA Youtuber Rich Leigh who used it to score loads of goals. In his video, he uses PSG with Lionel Messi upfront to beat AS Monaco 5-2. The formation relies heavily on overcrowding the opposition midfield.

The extra players in attack ensure that opposition defenders are under a lot of pressure, thus prone to making errors more than they would. The formation works particularly well versus teams with less pace on the flanks and upfront.

This formation can work wonders in case you are in need of goals in the final 10-20 minutes of the game. Such an attacking formation when used with fresh players off the bench ups the tempo of the game a notch, with opposition defenders tired, it is likely to get you clutch winning or equalizing goals.

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A snippet of the truly intriguing formation

But with such an attacking formation comes the huge risk of conceding goals more than often. With a single defender, you leave yourself a great risk when it comes to balls played in the air, this formation struggles against teams with tall players, since scoring becomes much easier with a single player in defence. Also, teams with pacy wingers and teams who play a high tempo game will be extremely tough to defend with just one player in defence.

Does this formation actually work? Try it out on FIFA 18 which releases on 29th September or download the demo which is now available across all platforms.

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