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Was the Black Ops Cold War merge a good or bad thing for Warzone?

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 06:20 IST

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War merged back in December in a move that was a first for the Call of Duty franchise. Many players were excited, but now there's a genuine concern for Warzone. Was the merger between both games a good idea?

That's a very complicated question because it can be hard to see past where the game has headed. Warzone is now flooded with the DMR 14, which is easily the most overpowered weapon in the meta. It's likely even the most overpowered weapon that Warzone players have seen to date.

Black Ops Cold War weapons are the dominant force in Warzone as the game currently stands, and they certainly outweigh the previous Modern Warfare weapons.

It has turned many players away from the game in frustration when the Mac 10 and the DMR 14 are the only weapons melting everyone. However, the merger still may have been for the best.

Warzone needed the Black Ops Cold War weapon merge

As usual, when a game receives massive changes, many players will look back on what it once was.

It can cause a lot of push back or frustration, especially when the new Black Ops Cold War meta is so bad in a game like Warzone. But that push back can blind players to what was happening before a massive change.


Warzone as players knew it was really on its last legs. There was a ton of fatigue in the game because of a lack of content, which started to begin again. Before the merger, Warzone had received minimal map changes, slight weapon tweaks, and few weapon additions every couple of months.

While the game was still fun, and a meta was established that players like, they were inevitably leaving. Streamers were only holding out because they knew that more content was on the way.

If Activision could go all the way back to a year ago and change their road map, then it may have been a better idea to separate the two games and their content. But as it stood, Warzone was in dire need of content, and the Black Ops Cold War merger provided new weapons, a new gulag, and a new meta.

When a fix is implemented to tweak the Black Ops Cold War weapon damage, Warzone will look a lot better, and players will likely be happy that there are far more weapons in a balanced meta. But there is also the idea that Activision made Black Ops Cold War weapons more powerful to promote sales for the new game.

There may be some truth to that, but the reality is that many of the weapons aren't great, and they needed a tweak after release to be competitive with the base Modern Warfare weapons.

Infinity Ward compensated too much, and now the meta is unbalanced. With a bit of time, though, Black Ops Cold War may be the only thing that keeps players in Warzone until a full-fledged map is released.

Published 06 Jan 2021, 06:20 IST
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